Travel Friendly Foods

It's that time... the last bit of what feels like summer, before we come back into a real fall routine. Before we get the kids' school groove in place, the new work schedule, and the hunker down, back-on-track kind of feeling. So, get out there! Go, and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!!

Whether it's a day trip, or camping, or hanging by the pool, here are some clean, fun foods to make your weekend easier.

Autoimmune Paleo Friendly:

Apple Chicken Sausages from Applegate Farms. Pre-cooked, sweet and savory means they pair well with most sides or snacks... and are easy to have on the go. I often eat them cold in a wrap with greens. Easy and done!

Brisling Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Crown Prince Naturals. Scoope em out into a wrap, eat them out of the can or pour the whole thing over a bed of greens. So many Omega 3s in sardines, that you'll be extremely satisfied after eating. In a can means no temperature control needed and they travel really well.

Coconut Paleo Wraps by Julian Bakery. Made purely of coconut. Wrap anything inside: turkey and avocado (like the photo), sunbutter and banana (my husband's favorite) or chicken sausage and greens.

Epic Bars, the 100% grass-fed meat bars. Chewy and smoky, these aren't like jerkey (they're better)! Choose the Bison bar if you're nightshade free, otherwise you can't go wrong. I eat these bars more than any other travel food out there, and am so grateful for their clean, thoughtful product! I love 'em so much they gave me a coupon to share. Order from their site by the end of the month and get 20% OFF with this code: AUGISEPICLYHOT

Jackson's Honest Chips. Made in coconut oil, simply. Choose the sweet potato if you're nightshade free, or the salt and vingear if you're not. Slightly sweet from the oil, with a great crunch.

Paleo Friendly:

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee. This ultra smooth, low acid coffee comes concentrated in a glass bottle so the work is minimal. All you do is add equal parts water or milk and decide what temperature you'd like it. I like it just semi-cold, out of the fridge with filtered water. But, it's delicious if you pour over ice or warm it up, with coconut cream.

Kale Chips by Kaia Foods. I choose Tarragon Dijon or Hibiscus and Pink Peppercorn, but I hear the other spicy versions are good, too. Surprisingly, chocolate covered kale is pretty amazing, so there's those... Eacgh ingredient list contains "Blessings."

Theo Chocolate Vanilla Nib Bar. We all need a little chocolate in our lives. Some argue this is not Paleo because of the sugar. But, it is Certified Fair Trade, Organic, Non-GMO (and dairy, soy and corn-free). This has the best texture of any bar I know. It's not too sweet, not too bitter. All you need is a couple of squares to feel satisfied.

Wholly Bites. Made by a colleage and sweetened naturally, these are a delicious, nutrient dense, filling snack. Apricot pecan is my favorite, though they're all delicious in their own ways.

My favorite Nutrient Boost On the Road:

To be sure I start my day off right, for my gut and brain health, I make a small concotion of the following:

2 teaspoons Collagen Hydrolysate (from grass-fed gelatin) 1 teaspoon Vitamineral Green 1 scoop Repairvite* (which we use in my Group Programs) *you can substitute this with high quality L-Glutamine

Place into an 8oz mason jar, filled 3/4 full with water. Shake and drink with your favorite probiotic.

It's gently filling, so you have time to find a quality breakfast without being starved. It balances your blood sugar and gives a little protien boost. I actually do this at home, too, but it's especially important when you're traveling. 

Supporting your health and eating well doesn't have to be hard when it's a holiday.

Whether it's just a lazy weekend or a full-on travel situation, don't over think it, keep it simple. Have a good time and let me know what you're eating this Labor Day! xo, B