Do you know that feeling?

  For nearly a decade, the winters were a real challenge for me. I moved around the world with my husband’s job and, though the experiences were magical and adventurous, it was always hard. Those winters were extra cold, extra isolating, extra overwhelming.

Because, although I met some amazing people along the way, I never actually had a community. I never felt like I could be myself. I never felt comfortable doing what everyone else was doing. I never felt like I had a place to go.


Do you know that feeling?


Looking back, this wasn't the only time I felt this way...

Having an autoimmune disease, you feel that way a lot! Not just in extraneous situations, but on a normal basis.

When you start doing the work to heal, you have to say yes to yourself, but that means no to a lot more.


Dinner with friends? “No, thank you.” I have no idea what I’d eat at that restaurant.

A celebratory cocktail party? “No, thank you.” I don’t drink alcohol right now, and that will be awkward.

Weekend travel getaway? “No, thank you.” It’s too much to manage with food and exhaustion, I just can’t do it.


It is sad and scary and frustrating, for you and the people in your life.

You feel isolated. You feel overwhelmed.

Ultimately, you just want to feel comfortable being yourself, making the choices that feel good to you… and you don’t want to be trapped inside by yourself, either.


I know what this is like and I really want to help you with it.


So, I have created new services and programs which encompass all aspects of healing… the physical, the mental and the emotional.

You know my work revolves around food, but what you may not know is that we go so much deeper than that!

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I want to give you the guidance and support you need to heal.

Since no one can get there in just one session, I’ve created packages to get to the root of your health concern and get you moving in the direction you desire.

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xo, B