Have you had any "me" time?

Have you had much "me" time this summer, or has it been go-go-go? Have you been able to step away from family, from work, from life... and just be with yourself? To take a walk in the woods, to sit with your feet in a creek, to lay on your bed with your eyes closed in the middle of the day?

This "me" time is so incredibly important for your healing. In fact, it is one of the most important factors in my Diet-Detox-Desire model.

Diet is about nourishing your body, including nourishment through quiet time, solitude and rest. Detox is about cleansing your life, including cleanses from noise, overwhelm, toxic environments and stress. Desire is about choosing to heal, and you cannot heal without getting quiet, listening, detaching and making a heart centered choice to choose YOU!

Through this method, which is used in my programs, coaching and intensives, you focus on learning more about you. I give you the tools to uncover things about yourself that you didn't know were there (or, didn't want to face). I give you opportunities to access what you want for your Diet, your Detox and your Desire. You are able to tap into your inner voice, your inner wisdom, your intuition.

When you give yourself "me" time, you're given the opportunity to listen to that inner voice... Psssst, that's YOU in there!

If you really don't know how your inner voice sounds, or what it might be telling you, ask a few questions. Your body, your heart, your connection will show you the way.

  • What should I know today?
  • What can I let go of?
  • What am I grateful for?

You may have words come through your pen (if you're writing in a journal), you may have a bodily sensation, you may see a visual image or scene, you may hear a song lyric.

Be aware of what comes through most often, and learn what your "super power" inner wisdom communication is. What tends to come through here, is also how you will hear from your inner voice with big and small decisions alike. It can be super powerful in growing your awareness practice (aka, learning more about yourself).

Today, as you read this in your inbox, I am on a plane toward some serious "me" time!

I am headed to a retreat in beautiful Montana. I cannot wait to go and be totally unplugged for a week! No phone, no texts, no email, no reading, no listening to music. Fully inner connective time. PotentPure. Powerful. : Diet. Detox. Desire. 

How can you book some "me" time into your last half of summer?

What would feel most amazing for you to experience?

Where would you like to be for your time?

How can you make it so?

Click reply or comment in the box below with your "me" time stories. xo, B