Heal Your Gut & Change Your Life

When you have an autoimmune disease, your body is attacking itself, internally. You may not know it's happening or where, or how or why... that's why autoimmune disease can be so scary! It's not something you can always see. For many years, I considered myself a high functioning sick person. No one knew I was struggling with constant pain and sensitivity, with fear and sadness, with digestive dysfunction that I considered embarassing. No one knew that if I ate a fancy meal or drank alcohol or didn't get enough sleep (all of which happened a lot) that I would get "blown out," in my gut, my brain and my energy. I didn't realize how challenging this was, emotionally, until laterAnd, I didn't know why this was happening.

In the latter years, I could eat a home cooked "healthy" meal and have the same experience. Most food made me feel bad (even the food I made as a Natural Chef). But, my family has a history of autoimmunity and digestive disease, so to me, this was the norm. Other family members had the same experience. So, obviously, I was fine. 

Then, I learned about leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky gut syndrome is when the walls of the intestine become permiable, and food particles begin to leak out into your body and bloodstream. Once these particles show up in the wrong place your body says, "wait a second... I don't recognize you!" And, it attacks them.

This attacking, over time, leads to a full blown situation of autoimmunty (over-active immune system trying to make sure you stay safe). This shows up when you eat irritating foods and foods that you have an intolerance to (whether you know it, or not).

Leaky gut becomes exacerbated when your gut flora is out of balance, and vice versa. When the gut leaks, your body is not able to absorb or assimilate the nutrients you are feeding it. Therefore, your gut gets in a real state of dysfunction.

Leaky gut creates a vicious cycle (that I didn't want to be in).

That's when I knew, I have to heal my gut if I want to change my life!

Doing this work for myself over the years, and supporting many clients through this process led me to believe there's no more true statement. Heaing your gut can change, and save, your life!

If you don't give your gut the support it needs, the dysfunction can perpetuate into more serious digestive autoimmune conditions. That's why Crohn's, Celiac and Ulcerative Colitis are terms we recognize. These (and the hundreds of other autoimmune conditions) are on the rise. And, the typical treatments are not glamorous.

One of my doctors recently told me, "Years ago, you could have easily given up and had your colon removed... because that was one of your only options." I never viewed it that way. Instead, I chose to change the way I approached food and life and heal myself naturally. Two years from the time I saw "Crohn's Disease" on my labwork, my inflammatory and autoimmune markers were gone. One of my doctors told me to frame my labwork, because I had healed myself!

That's when I created my Autoimmune Support Group Program.

I use an attainable and succesful method that improves gut health in just 6 weeks!

I know that when you feel bad, life isn't fun. When your health is challenging, so are your relationships, your productivity, your confidence and your ability to enjoy life.

When you feel better, everything gets easier!

That's what I want for you. And, it can happen faster than you think!

If it's time to Heal Your Gut & Change Your Life, it's time to join my upcoming group program! This program is only offered twice a year and the next begins April 6.

Enrollment is officially open!

Sound perfect for you? Sign up now!

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There are a limited number of spaces available for Level 2 and 3, so be sure to get in while you can.

Not sure if this program is right for you? Click reply and ask me any question you'd like... or, schedule a Complimentary Consult to see if it's a good match.

I am here to offer you guidance and support to heal, and this is a great starter program or refresher program to encourage an increased level of awareness and support change of food and lifestyle habits.