Holiday Cookie Recipe

This time of year, every occasion "calls for" a sweet treat. Now, just because that's the norm, doesn't mean you have to partake in all the sugary, inflammatory, allergenic, over-consumption. You can make your own choices, based on what feels good to you! I tell my clients when going to a party or attending an event where there will be food (especially sweets) to be prepared. Being prepared means eating before you go, sipping water (sparkling, with a lime wedge, splash of juice, etc) while you're there to stay hydrated and fixated, or bringing your own addition to the event. I also always teach ways to make good-better-best decisions based on what is in front of you. Like, choosing carrots sticks, no ranch, instead of the cheese ball. But, with sweets it is harder to find substitutes at parties.

When you are faced with a bite that could leave your guts rumbling, your head aching, your emotional state fragile (guilt-much) and comprimising your sleep... is it really worth it?

I didn't think so.

Yet, in the moment, seeing all of those future variables and making the right choice is hard!

Why not have a few recipes on hand to make easily and quickly, so that you feel like a normal participant at the event?

Here is one of my favorites, a cookie recipe, that has several variations. Not only is it a favorite of my clients and friends, but my culinary students and colleagues request this time and time again!

Find the recipe HERE, and play around with your favorite flavors (there are 4 recipes listed on the link).

  • The base recipe is a Honey Graham cookie, and the variations are endless.

  • The most requested is a version I call Ore-NO (a play on 'no allergens' that truly tastes like the brand we all know)*. It's the same recipe as the Mocha, without the espresso.

  • I have also used sunflower seeds in place of almonds, but the flavor is a less sweet (and they may turn green... perfect for halloween?!)

Let me know if you make these for your Halloween weekend, or for any upcoming events that are cookie-worthy.

Hope you're soaking up the last of fall, xo, Brandi

The above photo was taken by Savory Spice Shop, a Denver based company with locations nationally. Their photo comes from a test kitchen where they took my recipe, and gave it a thumbs up! Click through to see the live recipes on their site

*I understand that nuts and chocolate and even coconut can be allergenic for some, but the majority of folks can have this cookie. Verify any allergies before sharing.