Holiday Solution #1

You’re tired... Holiday Solution #1 : Find Balance for your Body and Mind


As you step forward into this season, it really starts to hit you… there's a lot going on.

You're tired! You're frazzled (already?!). You don't have enough time. How is it already the end of November, anyway?!! Oh my goodness, there's so much to do.

When your nervous systems kicks into overdrive, that causes stress physically and mentally. When you are tired and run down, your brain does not function optimally. When you get frazzled and anxious, your digestive system gets sensitive. All of these play a role in your immunity. And, the affects of just a few stressful weeks can last for months. Here's how to make a difference, and calm down the body and mind.


Survival Tips:

Reduce and relax your schedule Align with the people and events that feel easy and comfortable to you. Prioritize this season with just a few major events. Place your energy on what excites you, so you can do those really well. If you over-schedule, everything else on this list suffers!

Get out in nature and move Take a walk around the block on your lunch break, or walk to get coffee mid-morning. Ride your bike to a neighborhood party with the kids, take the stairs instead of the elevator, make the gym or yoga class an attainable priority (2x/week, not 5). Dance at a party, stretch when you get out of bed, go for a hike instead of happy hour. Just pause when you get our of your car to breathe in the fresh air. Take an after dinner walk to decompress. It really makes a difference!

Create alone time Get out of bed 15 minutes early and just sit in your favorite chair. Do some mindfulness meditation, or just breathe in a quiet place. This can refresh you in as few as 5-10 minutes (it actually helps me wake up and start my day). Take a bath after dinner, and lock the door to avoid disturbances. Go home for lunch and read a book, or eat your meal in the park. No words… just silence. Combine the alone time with exercise and take a solo walk, no headphones.

Reduce sugar Cut out sugar as much as possible. Use dates, maple syrup and honey for your baking this season. Skip the cookies and eat carrots instead (they're actually quite sweet). Grab an apple instead of the afternoon pastry. Black coffee instead of chai. You get the picture… it also really helps you to feel satisfied if you add fat to your snacks (coconut butter with carrots, liver pate or avocado with apple, an Epic bar).

Prioritize sleep It's impossible to feel rested if you're not sleeping. Even if Elf on the Shelf needs an extreme storyline, get it done by 9pm. Turn off TV, laptop and phone an hour before you plan to settle down. Do whatever it takes to fall asleep by 10pm. Get yourself calmed and ready for sleep, by adding in a hot shower, putting on clean bedsheets, reading a new book, having a calming herbal tea, using lavender oil and decompressing your day into a journal.

Feed your brain As mentioned with the snacks above, eating fat is more satisfying and balancing than just choosing fruit or veggies. To stay well balanced, be sure to feed your brain with good fats throughout the holiday season. Your brain is made of fat, you know! Add full fat coconut milk or Bulletproof XCT oil to your coffee. Top your salad with more avocado, and more olive oil… in fact, add more XCT oil to most anything you're eating (sub XCT and sea salt to top your sushi instead of soy)! Get appropriate protein at each meal, and be sure to drink 32+ oz of water every day!