Holiday Solution #3

You're over-indulging… Holiday Solution #3: Find What Really Matters to You


December has officially arrived. You're about to get full swing into the parties and the chaos. But, you already feel a little sluggish. That point where you may as well have a drink because you already feel not-your-best.

That Thanksgiving hang-over never quite left. You allowed yourself to have the leftover pie, for breakfast, until it was gone. You were testing a new recipe and ended up eating all of the test batch. Oops!

'Tis the season, you say? It doesn't have to be.  

We choose low energy foods and alcohol when we feel uncomfortable. Whether emotionally or physically, we choose sugar and gluten and dairy and alcohol to ease the pain. You may not think it's true for you… but it is. We then go into a cycle of feeling worse and choosing poorly again, and feeling badly again, and so on.

But, wouldn't you rather feel amazing right now? Strong enough to get through everything this month holds without collapsing in three weeks? Without getting sick, having an autoimmune flare up or emotional melt down? If you find what really matters to you right now, you will be able to stay at ease, at peace and in balance (in body, mind and spirit).


Survival Tips:

Ask, "What do I really want to be doing this season?" Find out what would feel best to you, really and truly amazing, from the inside, out. Write in your journal about it, ask your body, ask your intuition and listen. Let your hands write in stream-of-consciousness writing (no inhibitions, no censoring, only you will be reading it). The answer can come as quickly as a gut instinct before you even finish the question. You really do know what you want right now.

List your top 5 intentions for the month I will make great choices, no matter the party or circumstance. I will eat 100% paleo, even through Christmas dinner. I will have a stress-free holiday. I will spend quality tv-free time with my kids while they are out of school. I will be electronic-free one day a week through December, for example. Make them attainable. Write them in a visible place, above your work desk, on the 'fridge, as your phone lock screen. Share with your spouse, your co-worker or friend, and ask them to hold you accountable. That extra support goes a long way!!

Actually base your decisions on desire Invited to an event that does not sound fun? Decline it. Go to the movies alone (or with your bestie) instead. Feel like you really should make an appearance? Let your significant other go to the party alone. Have them take the kids, if appropriate. Stay at home, with a bath and your PJs. No invites and you're bored? Go to dinner and sit at the community table or bar. Drive around and look at holiday lights. Really investigate what would bring you the most joy right now (not in a seasonal cliché kind-of way). For real, what would really nourish your soul???

Find that joy Use the above exercises to find your true joy. Right now. Don't wait until the decorations are up or the shopping is complete or the wrapping is perfect. Do it now! Release any anxiety or frustration or stress through physical movement, if you can't figure out what feels good quite yet. That will help clean your slate so you can go inward. Then, spend time with people you want to, do things that you want to do rather than feel like you should. Put yourself first.

Know your WHY Why did you eat 10 cookies? Why did you have 3 glasses of red wine? Heck, why did you have 1? Why did you eat the bread? Why are you choosing work over friends. Why are you going to that gathering with people you don't care to see? Why are you avoiding groceries and eating out instead? Once you (and only you) can answer those questions, you'll understand how to choose a better form of joy instead. Because, the bread did not bring joy, something about the bread connected with an old thought pattern or nostalgic moment that you wished to revisit… Because you were "happy" then or in a relationship then or in a different job then. Investigate your choices. It's a profound practice.

Take out excuses It's easy to make excuses for our choices. Get real with yourself, by doing the above. Don't blame, don't be victim to circumstance. I ate out because I was being lazy: truth. I didn't make the best choice: now I feel like crap. Face the decisions. As you truly face them, you will see the light. You will see that the why was bigger. The laziness came because you were tired. A healthy snack and a nap would have been better. Then, you could have grocery shopped and made a fulfilling meal and felt even better, so you slept better and started the next day with ease. The cycle perpetuates in whichever way you choose. Choose what matters to you, what feels good to you and keep it simple. Supporting yourself means you can support others, with ease. And, I think that matters to you!