Holiday Solution #4

You're stressed...  Holiday Solution #4: Be Unconventional


Often times, the energy you feel in your body and your field comes from someone or something else.

It could be from a parent, child, co-worker, or the masses (when shopping a big store, for instance). It can be from the electro-magnetics that you are surrounded with 24/7. It can be from weather (wind has a stressful energy). It can even be from what you expect of a situation (the line at the post office is going to be so long that…).

This season is in full swing. You have expectations. You are engaging. And, even if you have followed all of the previous tips, you're feeling more stressed than a typical Saturday.

You know that stress is a major contributor to disease, right? It creates imbalance in your blood sugar, it affects your energy levels (we can't sleep and we burn out quickly), it creates disharmony in your gut, and it overstimulates your nervous system. It kicks the immune system into overdrive and if you have an autoimmune disease, that equals a flare up.

So, take an unconventional approach this season and kiss your stress goodbye.


Survival Tips:

Dissect your stress When you get caught up in a moment, try to understand where it is coming from. A clairvoyant healer and women's coach, Rachel Haynes, taught me to ask, "Is this mine?" in that moment. And, instinctively, your inner voice will give you a quick reply. Sometimes it is your frustration. Sometimes it's a parent's worry. Sometimes it's your spouse's anxiety. Sometimes it's your co-worker's annoyance. Find where it is coming from then let it go. If it is your stress, ask where the root is. Then do whatever feels right to you to let it go: move your body, scream into a pillow, journal it out or simply take a deep breath and blow it away.

Recognize over-stimulation When you have been sitting at a computer all day, and you just can't think anymore, that's over-stimulation. When you drank too much coffee and didn't eat enough fat, but you've been running around all day, that leads to over-caffeination-stimulation. When you have been back-and-forth text messaging (staring at your phone) for an hour over the holiday dinner menu, that's over-stimulation. When you listened to the radio in the car, heard loud songs and chatter while shopping, and now evening tv is on, that's over-stimulation. Reducing stimulation reduces stress. 

Reduce stimulation Give your self more breaks than usual this time of year. Get outside more, and get more sunshine and fresh air. Even if it means the car windows cracked with the heat-seats on high during your commute, it helps! Give yourself more natural light, and more twilight. Right now, all of my overhead lights are off, but a candle and holiday lights are on. Move your body, gently. Take a calming yoga class (without music), like yin or therapeutic. Reduce caffeine, alcohol and sugar. The spike they bring to blood sugar really elevates your tendency towards over-stimulation. Try a rooibos chai (caffeine free), hot apple cider and toasted coconut flakes instead.

Create the environment you want The truth is, everyone expects this time of year to be busystressfuldraining and hectic. Does that have to be true? How would you like your mid-December to be? Create exactly the feeling you desire! Tighten up house rules: no TV 3 nights a week, no electronics after 7pm, single use electronics only (not computer/tv/phone at once). Has Thursday date night fallen off the calendar? Has Mom's bath time been interrupted lately? Have kiddos been up past bedtime? Have you been up past bedtime? Create your environment based on desires. It's that simple.

Pamper yourself How much are you doing to hold it all together right now? Have you been able to take a deep breath lately? Make you a priority. Pampering can be whatever you need: an herbal bath at home, a massage at a spa, a yoga class alone, a walk in the trees. It can be creating a personal altar with crystals and candles. It can be walking outside in the moonlight and staring up at the stars. It can be not making dinner, shopping online instead of a mall, not doing holiday cards this year.  Make a list of how you can pamper yourself, of what would make a real difference in your life right now. How can you diffuse the idea of stress and prioritize what your heart says you really need? Your approach may not be what your family accepts as best, or what your friends would expect of you. So, be unconventional and treat YOU!


 *Photo is a visitor walking the cypress-lined path to Japanese Buddhist temple of Chuson-Ji, a World Heritage site