Holiday Solution #5

You're run down... Holiday Solution #5: Support and Release


Your body has been working hard. You have managed to get festive, to prepare for the upcoming school and work breaks and you just want to take a deep breath and sit down. But, you aren't quite there yet. 

Your mind has been working hard. Circulating in your head may still be gifts, finishing the work project, a party outfit, your end of year budget, the big day menu and so forth. It's a lot, still happening.

Until your moment of relaxtion arrives, allow yourself to be more efficient, more effective and more energized. It's not as impossible as it sounds!


Survival Tips:

Ask for help This sounds easy but it never is. You may think help would be nice, but you don't really want help. Most of us judge ourselves negatively when asking for help, and so we would rather avoid it. This can be a game changer for you! And, it doesn't have to be too big a task. Ask kiddos to set the dinner table, pay the shop to gift wrap, get your spouse to grocery shop (if I can do this as a chef, so can you!). Get a house cleaner before you host a party, let a friend pick you up for coffee, bring a dessert that was store-bought. See where you can give yourself some slack and truly delegate.

Let go "That help isn't worth it because they won't do as good a job," sound familiar? As a recovering perfectionist, I have said this more times than I can count! But, no one ever notices to the depth that you do. No one will know if you borrow a skirt from a friend or care if you didn't make the brownies. No one will notice the smudge on the window or the typo on your invitation. Give yourself some breathing room. Being real is important. You did not walk out of a fairytale, nor do I wish you did. I like your vulnerability, your imperfections… and so do your friends! You're human, embrace it.

Digest Take in your life! Take in all that you did yesterday. Take in all that you have done this year, and all that you are still doing to complete the year. This is one of the best tools I have ever learned, from my coach Elizabeth Joy Mueller (I asked for help, and the on-going support changed my life). This practice adds so much value to your life and your time and your purpose. So, grab a pen and paper (or keyboard and screen) and start writing. What did you accomplish this year? This quarter? This month? This day?!! What did you do for yourself, your family, your company? Make this a practice so you can reflect on just how amazing you are! Side note, it also supports your digestive system (no joke!).

Find your values Doing the digestion exercise, you will notice what made you really happy, what felt effortless and what was super depleting. Now, find the themes within this. These likely support your values. You felt good that you completed your new kitchen design but it left you exhausted. You felt amazing when you threw out old items that didn't reflect you anymore, and then felt fresh and light. You felt bursting with joy when you said no to your "should" list and yes to your dreams list. Keep chasing your values, and you'll be led in a direction that supports you, with less effort.

Detoxify your space Now is the time to de-clutter! Start with your office desk, the face of your 'fridge and your junk drawers. Because we get so many things added into our space (cards, gifts, decor) around the holidays, it feels extra cluttered. Clutter equals stagnation and sluggishness. Time to lighten up! Clean out your car and get it washed, recycle old papers, get rid of old books, donate clothes you didn't wear this year. Make it ceremonial if that helps you let go peacefully. But, don't wait until the new year. Give your self 15 minutes per cluttered area and you'll feel so much release!

Detoxify your body Your body also gets cluttered this time of year. The toxins add up. Even if your indulgences are paleo, they will still be more load than you're used to. And it's simple to support the body's release. Though it may feel hard right now, go for a sweat. Exercise, sit in a sauna, or lay on an infrared heating pad. Take a detoxifying bath with essential oils, baking soda and magnesium salt. Drink a detoxifying tea before bedtime. Be sure you are cleaning with chemical-free products, using clean skincare and supporting a non-toxic environment. And, know that there's a trick to help out when you over-indulge: taking activated charcoal after eating a meal out, having alcohol or too much of something you don't normally eat, can help absorb and move toxins through your system.

Don't underestimate rest You need your rest! Not getting proper sleep is the fastest way to break down your immunity, digestion and brain function, increase the possibility of autoimmune flares and keep you frazzled. Get the rest and sleep you need. Know how many hours you need at night. Give yourself the opportunity to wake without an alarm. Remove electronics and phones from the bedroom. Wind down before bedtime. Get your room really dark. And, give yourself the opportunity to sit, lay or sleep during the day. Find the way you best relax, so rest comes with ease. Honor the support it brings, and rest will help you to release unnecessary overwhelm and toxins.