Pumpkin Spice Detox

You’re in line at Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte because it’s almost fall, the kids are back in school, and it’s what you do. You loooooove pumpkin spice! You’re already giving yourself a hard time because: the pump sugar and the milk and the calories and the caffeine and the five bucks and the Starbucks line is so damn long.

But, you do it anyway. And you take a sip… and it’s meh. Your emotions say, “it’s usually so good, maybe they didn’t do it right this morning. Maybe that chipper barista was chatting too much with the guy in front of me and it didn’t get made correctly.”

Or, maybe your body just doesn’t really like all that fake shit.

Maybe your body is actually calling for a deep cleaning. A renewal. A detox.

You know by now the three pillars of health that I work with are Diet, Detox & Desire.

And, they are all really important, and go together with one another like pumpkin and spice.

But, before you can really get your body into a place where it wants a nourishing diet, you gotta detox.

Like mentioned in last week’s posts, it’s that time of year when we really want a change. Our body wants to be treated well. And, so comes a seasonal group program.

I only offer these programs as a group during spring and fall. Those are the optimal seasons for taking the body into a detox. And, fall is my favorite because the meal plan is so yummy with fall goodness!

During the program, I guide you through a 21-day Elimination Diet. This process allows you to take out irritating, inflammatory and addictive foods in a mindful way. It allows you to detox from these foods with support. It gives you guides and materials and supplements to support the detoxification process, physically and emotionally.

But, it also helps you let go of those addictions and see where they’ve been holding you captive (like in the line of a Starbucks).

Emotional cravings and addictions are for-real. Physical cravings and addictions are for-real. Detox symptom cravings and addictions are for-real.

With this program, I guide you to look at the root of these cravings and addictions.

I help you see, when a craving pops up, where it is coming from.

If you never learn to pinpoint the root of the cravings, you’ll never be able to let them go.

And, being victim to cravings and addictions hurts.

It hurts the health of your gut, the health of your brain and the health of your heart (in all ways possible).

When you are trying to balance your immunity, your physical symptoms, your emotional attachments and your desire to be fed, you gotta face the choir.

You also have to let go of the guilt about having cravings. Halleluia!

So, if you are really wanting to get your body cleaned up, and get to the heart of detoxification, sign up for this year's Fall Group Program.

It offers support specific to autoimmunity, and it offers support to anyone struggling with food cravings, gut health, feeling overloaded and wanting to get cleaned up (50% of my clients do not have autoimmunity, and always feel renewed and refreshed from this process).

With just one week to register, check out the details of the fall program here.

Take the leap to Heal Your Gut & Change Your Life (for good)!

xo, B