Social Media & Your Health

Ever notice how checking social media often leaves you feeling like everyone else has the perfect life, relationship, business, and body? Or that the compulsion to check your phone all day long is doing you more harm than good?

The truth is: there’s an epidemic going on and not very many people are talking about it. Smartphone users check their phones up to 110 times per day and they log on to Facebook an average of 14 times per day.

This overuse is negatively impacting our health, taking over our lives, and plummeting our self ­esteem.

Most importantly, all of this connection is leaving us disconnected from ourselves and the world around us.

  When you're healing an autoimmune disease, you may feel disconnected and somewhat isolated to begin with. If you're following Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (AIP), that can add to the feeling of being different, misunderstood, unfulfilled, anti-social, ill and imperfect.

You're friends don't understand what you're dealing with; they want to know why you won't go out for happy hour.

You're family thinks you're weird; they want to know why you don't eat their food at family gatherings.

Even though you feel better, the weight of this healing lifestyle is challenging you.

So, you turn to your phone and social media to feel more involved with what "everyone" is doing. 

  When you work with me, I coach you through this process of unraveling the emotions associated with autoimmunty.

I ask you to look at your habits and routine, aside from just food.

I support you in finding ways to fulfill yourself, aside from turning to distraction.

  That's why I am excited to share a great starter detox for some of this social media attraction you are dealing with.

My friend and colleague Megan Roop is leading a 5­Day Digital Detox to help you change your habits with technology and transform your relationship with yourself. And it all starts with unplugging for just one hour at the end of each day.

Throughout the 5 days, you’ll get nighttime rituals to nurture a deeper connection with yourself, your desires, YOUR vision for your life. And, it’s FREE to join! Click here to learn more and sign up!

  I believe that we all need support, we all need coaches and we all need people to guide us through healing. I call mine my team. My team consists of doctors, healing arts therapists, coaches, colleagues and friends who understand me, my work and what I strive for in my health and life.

Megan is on my team. She received her training as a Behavior Change Specialist and Certified Integrative Health Coach at Duke Integrative Medicine. She is walking the walk and I hope you'll let her guide you for this detox.

My hope is that doing this detox will help you find a more intuitive connection with yourself and true desires. This simple detox is not asking you to quit Facebook or take 5 days away from email. But, it will help you see what you really like, or dislike, about social media and it's infiltration in your life.

For now, time to get offline and back to enjoying your Saturday! xo, B