Top 5 Tips for Holiday Survival

I know it is hard to get through the holiday season. You face some real challenges. You're tired. You feel like you can't stay paleo/AIP. You're over-indulging. You're stressed. You're run down. 


So, over the next weeks, I'll be sharing my Top 5 Tips for Holiday Survival.


* 2015 Update: Click the Challenges above for each Solution

Each week until Christmas you will receive solutions to curb these common challenges, so that your body can stop working so hard and get out of the vicious cycle of exhaustion.

If you are healing your autoimmune disease, or just trying to stay above water, you must find ways to slow down, to eat for nourishment, to take care of yourself during this hectic holiday time. So, I'll be sharing simple ways for you to support yourself.

And, you can always lean in and schedule a 1:1 for going deeper, or getting more personalized support.


Do you have any specific questions or challenges that you'd like me to address? If so, click reply (if reading in email) or leave a comment below (if reading as blog).


Holiday Solutions are coming your way!