Transformational Health & Wellness Summit

Starting tomorrow, June 14, there's a transformational summit taking place. And, this is the first of it's kind, being that all speakers are Transformational Nutrition® Coaches.

Transformational Nutrition® Coaches are trained in a unique way... using science, psychology and spirituality, so you know this is going to be a summit with depth.

I am a Transformational Nutrition® Coach and chose this program due to it's connection beyond the physical. It's such amazing work (because it really works)!

The Transformational Health and Wellness Summit runs June 14-June 19. Over the next six days, you have an opportunity to really get into some amazing information. Eighteen coaches have been interviewed and will be sharing information, and more importantly, their tips for practical achievement of your health goals based on their specialty.

During this FREE event, you'll have access to three interviews per day, and these are gonna be juicy! Hosts Greta Braun and Layne Pecoff have hand-picked each speaker because of how they LIVE their health and wellness success. Each interview will deliver insight, wisdom and practical tools to help you.

This summit presents a range of specialists from weight and fat loss, stress and fatigue, hormones, fertility and infant nutrition, clean food, eating psychology, confidence, anti-aging, mindfulness, fitness and so much more.

Because I am being interviewed, you will also hear about my unique approach to autoimmunity. You can catch my interview on Friday, June 19th.

Sign up now, for this free summit and let your intuition guide you to the most important interviews for you. If you watch mine, you'll receive a first-time offer that is going to be so fun!!

If you have never worked with or met me live, it's a great opportunity to get to know me and my approach. Or, if you already know me but want a great tool (and downloadable tool sheet!) to feel more connected, mark your calendars for Friday, June 19!

Sign-up by clicking here.

I look forward to being there with you! xo, B