Winter Weight

It's been awhile since you heard from me. I've been in the thick of winter, like you.

After the holidays, you needed a break. I needed a break.

If you followed the Survive the Holidays blogs, then you stayed on course with food and lifestyle, to some degree. Then came the heaviness. The celebrations were over. Winter, and it's weight, kicked in.

Did you know winter (in the northern hemisphere) is meant to be this way... quiet, slow, heavy and dark?

In winter, we are meant to be more still, carry more body weight and be more introverted.

It doesn't mean we have to shut down, but it means we have permission not to push.

Though many people in my field offer a "new year" program, I want you to know why I choose the opposite:

  • You don't need anyone telling you how to be new and improved, just because we've switched the calendar to January.
  • You don't really want to start a new routine when you've been wound up and going like crazy from mid November through December.
  • An autoimmune condition needs a steady and committed approach, not a fair-weather, new year push.
  • Winter is not the optimal time to cleanse the body or do a deep elimination diet.
  • I didn't want to add things to your life this time of year, I want you to slow down instead.

Plus, I needed to experience winter, and practice what I teach, by slowing down after a stressful end-of-year. Now, I am able to somewhat emerge. I am embracing winter. So can you!

You can continue to take your time, and be in the weight of winter. Don't feel rushed to come out of it.  Sleep moreeat more warm foodsdo less, talk less and stay connected to your rhythm.

Find the mystical qualities of this time of year!

If you need guidance in this, reach out for support.

Otherwise, you'll hear from me soon about my new offerings, my spring program and a more comprehensive approach to healing.

Sending warm hugs and winter magic your way!

xo, B