Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle 

You're here to do big things, whether it's out in the world or in your home. The sights you have set are driven by your passion to truly live your life and, by the expansive quality you feel within your heart knowing what's ahead.

Because your life is already great, sometimes you're unsure of what exactly is missing... but you feel something. You notice a deeper desire, a drive and an inner longing for more.

I'm here to tell you, it’s ok to have more.

To bring the absolute best to you and your family, you've had to do so much. In fact, you may have felt like you were doing it all. It's created a familiar feeling mixed of devotion, integrity and even striving, like you’ve had to be in control of a lot. At times it’s exhilarating and at others, exhausting.

To find the balance and sustainability that your heart needs, there’s only one place to start—inside.

While the polarizing feelings may always arise, there’s a way to tune in and trust your experience every time. I call it finding your Sacred Gut Wisdom. In doing so, you’ll consistently be able to feel more ease when discomfort arises. You’ll be able to bask in the joy when it arises. You’ll be able to trust that your life is not too good to be true… but, instead, truly yours!

Going deep into examining your inner world—of your body, your mind, and your Soul—brings this trust.

With this, you’ll create more alignment on the inside so you can be more present for your family and your job and your passions. Most importantly, you can be more present for yourself.

I’d like to guide you toward your own Sacred Gut Wisdom!

The power of this experience lies in the Circle itself.

This Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle joins an intimate group of women together to support you, reflect to you, and share with you, over four months.

I have spent countless hours intuiting, writing and talking with women to find the perfect circle for this season, so that everyone feels aligned and comfortable.

Because, I know what it’s like to join a group and feel like you don’t belong. Or worse, feel like you’re more advanced in the material than everyone else… so you end up sharing more than you receive.

I won’t let that happen to you!

That’s why this is an invitation-only experience. Your Soul called you here to go deeper and to meet these women, at this time, so you all grow together.

Here’s how you’ll share…

This 4-month experience is designed to connect you with your own Sacred Gut Wisdom, at a time when it can feel especially hard--the holiday season!

We will work with themes based on the months of this season, but the curriculum is not set in stone.

Each time we come together as a group (details below), there will be a teaching around this theme plus an individual coaching slot for each woman.

While having these themes is an important template, the most sacred part of this experience is that we follow along with what each of you needs and is experiencing week to week. It is inevitable that your personal experience will speak to another woman, and vise versa.

The collective energy we set within this group container will be bigger than our minds can outline, and thus, I will follow my Gut Wisdom to lead as your coach.

As such, this Circle will never be recreated, in this same way, again.


Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle Themes


Our time together includes:

  • Opening Circle Video Session in October

  • 2, deeply guided group Video Calls per month, in November, December, and January

  • Closing Circle Video Session in February

  • Personal check-ins on off weeks

  • Facebook forum for group interaction

  • Supplemental resource guides as we go

Before we begin, you’ll receive:

  • The Diet Detox Desire Guide to get clear on your intentions from the start

  • Wellness assessment forms and review

Bonus benefits :

  • Option for 1:1 session add-ons at a discounted rate, as schedule allows

  • Invitation to Restorative Journeys Retreat for fall/winter 2018-2019
    (with a nominal fee)

*all Group Calls and 1:1 Check-ins will be determined
around each woman’s schedule, and will be set by October 25th.

Investment for the Sacred Gut Wisdom Circle is $2400

Payments may be made monthly over 4 months, at $600/month

$200 discount will be given for advance payment in full


Because we have spoken about this Circle, and because it is an invitation-only experience, I ask that you not share this webpage with others.

Please reach out to me with any questions and we can connect again by phone. xo

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Before working with Brandi, I was feeling extremely fatigued and had daily headaches and GI symptoms. I was desperate to feel better but had no idea how to get there. Brandi helped me learn to nurture myself through food, to heal my autoimmunity (I now experience no symptoms!), and reminded me to truly listen to my body. I am living a fully vibrant life again and Brandi got me started on that path. I am so grateful!

Katie, Boulder

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Working with Brandi has been life-changing. She will change the way you look at food! She allows you the space to dive deeper within yourself – to see why you have certain habits and how to find the confidence to make changes. It is amazing to me that I now hear my body so clearly. I know what it most needs to feel healthy and vibrant again!

Lorelei, Santa Fe

Testimonial photos 01-18 (2).png

Brandi empowered me to find out exactly what fuels my body and what slows it down. This gave me the strength to heal myself, trust my own intuition and guidance and to live my life without any discomfort. I feel closer to myself, and I now trust my body when it is trying to tell me something! I feel better than I have felt in a long time - not only because my physical symptoms have disappeared, but also because I have re-built the trust in my own inner guidance again. That is an amazing and exciting journey altogether!

Nele, Sydney

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I cannot thank Brandi enough for allowing me to truly transform my life, and heal from the inside out. I feel more energized, have more clarity and no longer have the digestive problems I struggled with for years. I felt like she knew me from the start, making important connections and pushing me to dig deeper to find the root cause of my digestive issues (that were actually in habits, emotions and experiences which no longer served me). She helped me shift these so I no longer made the unhealthy choices around food that led to years of damage in my gut. Her work has helped me find the inner strength to nourish myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Her deep support and true passion for what she has to share makes it easy to learn and implement change. She has been an inspiration and an invaluable asset to my healing journey!

Shannon, Connecticut

Testimonial photos 01-18.png

Brandi’s guidance was priceless. She taught me what is really means to “eat healthy.” She listens closely and provides gentle advice. If you are looking to connect with your true nature and to experience your body in its fullest health, then this program is for you. You will learn so much about yourself and how food affects you emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Brandy, Denver