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These are my favorite online shopping resources for good, clean products!

When you shop by clicking through the images below, I get a referral bonus from these companies. 

I have partnered with them because I use their products every single day. And, I am very particular about my products!! 

I believe in and trust their products enough to share with you. 


Alitura Skincare

Super luxurious, mildly scented skincare products
Favorite Product: The Alitura Moisturizer

Butcher Box

Well sourced meats delivered straight to your doorstep
Favorite Product: Pork Chops

Real Plans

Meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists curated for your specific dietary needs (including AIP. Now with Instacart integration.

Vital Proteins

Grass-fed collagen and superfood products
Favorite Product: Original Collagen Peptides



Known for clean coffee and bio-hacking supplements
Favorite Product: Collagen Protein Bars


Essential oils and wellness products
Favorite Product: On Guard handsoap

Moss Nutrition

My preferred supplement company
Favorite Product: InflammaSelect

Thrive Market

The best pantry and kitchen staples at great prices
Favorite Product: Organic Beef Jerky (nightshade-free)


*Moss Nutrition orders need my practitioner code. If you are not a current client, please contact me and schedule a supplement consult session to ensure a proper supplement program.