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These are the top places I buy food and self care items online and who I most love to support. I do get a small bonus when you purchase through my shop, from these direct links. But, that’s not why I share them. I use products from each of these places every day. And, I am very particular about my products!!

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Bluebird Botanicals

Therapeutic CBD hemp oil & CBD skincare.



Coffee, chocolate & brain, cellular & gut enhancing supplements.



Essential oils, body & home care infused with oils.


Tropical Traditions

Coconut oil & glyphosate-tested food products including soy-free eggs & meats. Bulk & non-bulk sizes available.


Thrive Market

Clean food, body, pet & home care at great prices. Think: Costco prices, Whole Foods quality & Amazon delivery (no bulk orders required).


Vital Proteins

Grass fed, pasture raised collagen, gelatin & liver products.


Moss Nutrition

High quality, super clean herbal supplements. *Must have my practitioner code (please schedule consult below).

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Sun Basket

Organic, home-delivered meals with paleo, gluten-free & family friendly options. They even have breakfasts!
Get 3 free meals with first purchase. 


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*Moss Nutrition orders need my practitioner code. Please schedule a complimentary consult to ensure a proper supplement program, then you can order on your own.