TRUST Method™

Find the confidence to trust yourself

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I see you and that pile of self-help books

I see you over there, trying so hard to get things right. Trying so hard not to “be this way.”

You've read all the books.
You've done the courses.
You've gone to the retreats.

But no matter how hard you work on yourself, to become more confident and connected, you still can't fill that void that's always so present yet hard to name.

You still spend your evenings reading inspirational books thinking they’ll give you the spark you need, but you can’t seem to get up the courage to really follow through.

Even though you used your Be Brave mug today, you still didn’t find the courage to have that hard conversation.

With all the effort, it’s still hard to stand up for what you want deep down, to follow through when you do make those decisions, and to name that void inside that's keeping you unsettled.

After all the years of all the self-help, you still feel insecure about what you need and like you can’t trust yourself.


Here’s the truth

You don't need to be fixed.
Nothing is wrong with you.
Your pace is your pace.

Most of us approach self-help the wrong way, fueled by this belief that we need to change ourselves in order to feel better.

We don't. You don't.

What we do need is self trust.

It doesn’t matter how inspired you are, if you don’t trust yourself, you’ll never feel fulfilled.

Trusting yourself is hard. It takes work.

It's not about forcing ourselves into the confidence, success and relationship formulas we see in books.

It's not something that develops overnight after a weekend workshop with a woman that inspires you. It requires mastery of the self—and that looks different for each and every one of us.

What your soul craves and how it communicates with you is not the same as it is for me, for your best friend, or for Oprah.

You’ve got to be committed to see transformation in this area of your life. But, you wouldn’t still be reading if you didn’t already know that.

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Imagine what it would feel like to…

Acknowledge that only you know yourself best, and make decisions from that space

Say no without replaying conversations in your head a hundred times before bed

Just be you and not feel like you have to get it together

Not beat yourself up for needing alone time to recharge after being with people that are draining

Feel capable of choosing not to be around those people that drain you

Actually let yourself have fun, without so much pressure to be perfect or productive

Speak up about the boundaries you’ve been wishing for with your family

Be connected with your intuition and Soul in regular everyday moments (not just on your meditation cushion with candles and crystals)

Quit living your life because of the "shoulds"

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All of this can happen—and it's not a matter of finally finding a book with THE answer to how you should live your life or THE secret to happiness and confidence.

You have the blueprint to all of that inside you. You just need to learn how to access it.


Introducing, the TRUST Method™

After ten years of working with sensitive women who struggle with people-pleasing, perfectionism, and self-criticism, I recognized that all of those feelings were rooted in the same thing. While you appear confident on the outside, inside you feel completely held back.

You carry an underlying feeling that you can’t trust what you feel to be your truth.


You don’t feel able to trust the messages of your body, your soul and intuition.

You know these messages and you hear them, but getting to the place where you can follow them and lead your life from them has been really hard.

Feeling this way is not your fault.

Every woman faces this lack of deep, inner trust, in some capacity. Since we were young, we’ve been given signals that our intuition or emotions are wrong or not accepted.

We’ve been told “small” things about our personality over the years that impacted the way we trusted ourselves.

While as a collective, women are starting to become aware of those patterns and untruths, we're just in the beginning.

Feeling more comfortable with your whole self will unravel these old stories.

Tapping in to the real truth of who you are will help you expand your capacity for trust so it gets more comfortable over time.

I want to help you build your trust muscle, I want you to feel so damn confident about listening to the messages you receive from your soul and intuition that you can actually live your life.

I developed the TRUST Method™ to help you trust yourself.

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The Steps

This 5-step Method draws wisdom from the word TRUST

Step 1: Tune-in to your whole self

Step 2: Recognize what’s true for you

Step 3: Understand the difference between your soul and anything else

Step 4: Align with your Soul self

Step 5: Transform to a soul led life

With each step of the method, you dive deeper into knowing who you are, distinguishing the inner voice of your soul from all the outside voices. You’ll become more confident leading your life from that place of self-knowing and self-trust.

You’ll uncover the patterns, tendencies, and stories that hold you back. And you’ll learn exactly what you need to move through them, and what you need to be more fulfilled and comfortable in all areas of your life.

Each step of the TRUST Method™ builds upon one another. These are not about changing who you are or fixing you—they’re about relating to yourself in new ways and understanding yourself so much that you can do what’s best for you.

Through each step, you’ll feel more confident that it’s worth speaking up for your needs, no matter the circumstance, without any guilt.

This is a method to trusting yourself.

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The Course

Learn the steps of the TRUST Method™ in a memorable, reliable, and tangible way.

How it works:

Learn together in a live, small group setting

Join online through Zoom video once per week over 6 weeks

Receive 5 weekly lessons of each step to build your trust muscle

Integrate the material with 1 group coaching session, to gain personal feedback and support


See the weekly course outline & join below


An expert level intensive on you

The TRUST Method™ Course

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We’ll cover step 1 of TRUST Method™ : Tune-in to your whole self

Right now, you’re not regularly checking in with your whole self, just parts, so you’re missing some important, deep connections about how you feel. We’ll remedy that!

You'll discover a Daily Centering Practice to help you feel more connected and tuned-in to your whole self, with just 15 minutes a day.

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We’ll cover step 2 of TRUST Method™ : Recognize what's true for you right now

You are likely using some outdated routines based on what was true for you at another time. And, running from the discomfort that keeps you stuck there. 

You'll discover how being more present in your discomfort is actually the path to less discomfort. Really! And, to recognize what’s most nourishing for you, right now.

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We’ll cover step 3 of TRUST Method™ : Understand the difference between your Soul and anything else

Right now, you recognize your soul’s inner voice, you hear that intuition, but you’re not yet confident to follow it. That changes now.

You'll discover what’s getting in the way of following your soul so you can understand that difference in any given moment.

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At this stage, you’ll be feeling a boost of confidence in what you’ve learned, with a side of fear about how you’re going to start speaking up. It’s okay, this is decades of habits we’re unraveling.

In week 4, we’ll integrate the first 3 steps of the TRUST Method™ with a group coaching session so that you can talk through all that you’re feeling and get personal feedback.

While our small group will be together for this call, we’ll break it down into small individual coaching segments. You’ll receive personalized guidance about your experience. And, as you hear each woman share, you’ll see you’re totally not alone.

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We’ll cover step 4 of TRUST Method™ : Align with your Soul self

Right now, you’re letting things get in the way of what you most need. You’ve been acting from worry, people-pleasing and the fear of missing out. Taking a stand makes you sweaty and nauseous.

After week 5, you'll find the confidence to stand up for yourself, even with armpit stains. You’ll discover how to speak for your needs and desires in a kind and sensitive way.

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We’ll cover step 5 of TRUST Method™ : Transform to a soul led life

You’ve been scratching the surface of transformation for years. You’ve been hearing the messages of your soul more and more clearly, but taking the leap to consistently live by them hasn’t felt possible.

This week, you’ll feel a transformation in your perspective. By bringing all steps of the TRUST Method™ together, the time has come for you to embody your truth and the life you have been seeing in your head for decades. We’ll walk through your next steps so you can finally do things differently. It will take practice, but you’ll get more comfortable as you go.


Have questions?
We can chat anytime through the button on your bottom right

You may be unsure about doing this vulnerable work in a group setting with women you don’t know.

This is a part of the initiation into being seen as your whole self. When you allow yourself to be in community with others on this same path, you get to see you're not alone. And, there will always be similarities that allow you to learn from one another. The work expands to meet everyone in the group and will be personalized along the way.

I’ll never just dump the information on you. This will be an interactive experience led by our souls.

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You might be wondering...
Can I really develop trust in myself in just six weeks?

I’m sure you’re also curious what makes this worth trying if the other things haven’t exactly worked for you. I mean, you must be wondering if you can shift something so big in just a six-week course.

Why couldn’t you just do this on your own?

Well, ya could… but you’d get as far as you are now. And, I know you’re ready for more.

When I first got hooked into the self-help and personal development field, my life looked good. I was dating a professional athlete, I spent years living around the world, I did yoga and was a vegan. If we had Instagram back then, I would have looked like an influencer—doing all the coolest things.

But inside, I felt so lost. I was constantly going against what my soul knew to be true and I was feeling wrecked because of it.

I was confused about my purpose, I was holding on to too many old stories of who I was (and wasn’t) and I didn’t know what to do with that. I read books, I took courses, I went on retreats and I tried to learn as much as possible.

But, no one was teaching me about me. That’s what I needed most.

Ten years later and feeling like a lonely, sick version of myself, I embarked on the second half of my inner healing with the help I really needed—a coach who taught me to tune-in to me. In fact, her words inspired the first step of the method.

Without her, I would never have realized that, after years of being told I was too sensitive, I talked too much, and that my life choices were weird, I had been conditioned me to hide many of myself and to deny myself what I really wanted and needed.

Without her, I would not have been able to develop skills to finally trust my intuition and give myself permission to be me, no matter who I was with or where I was. That’s what I want for you.

The world isn’t teaching us this work.

We’re being told we need to be changed and fixed. You don't need to transform who you are. You need to transform how you interact with your truth and how you perceive yourself.

Not trusting yourself is an epidemic. Let’s change that.



Is this really a thing that you can help me with?

I have spent over ten years fine tuning what my clients needed to get through this barrier of trust. I have helped women transform how they relate to their bodies, their nutrition, their mindset, and their businesses. I developed this method from those years of client experience. Plus, I am trained as a transformational coach and have a unique gift of intuitively feeling what my clients feel in my body, which has always informed my coaching. This method is no exception.

How can you know what I need?

I don’t know what you need, but you do! I teach you how to tap into that inner wisdom and follow it.


This was created for any woman who has been on the path to self-help but knows there is more. You have gotten only so far and want to finally feel confident, connected and aligned for real this time. My previous clients have been women from their twenties to their sixties, who are mothers, household CEOs, entrepreneurs, yoga instructors, doctors, engineers, attorneys and therapists. I even had one ex-FBI agent. These women live in small towns and big cities, all across the USA, Europe and Australia.

Why would this work when all the other stuff hasn’t?

The other stuff has been a way to make you believe you had something wrong. It’s been a place you reached to “fix” what you perceived as broken. But, you don’t need to be fixed. You can leverage the soul power that lives within you to make the most aligned decisions for yourself, that help you to trust in yourself so you always know what is best for you and—the hardest part—to follow through with that.


The TRUST Method™ Fall 2019 Course is an $1800 investment, with an initial discount through October 9. There’s also a payment plan option. By making this investment, you’re telling the universe you are ready and that’s the first step toward trusting yourself—knowing this is right for you and going for it!

when does the course start?

The TRUST Method™ Fall 2019 Course begins the week of October 14 and meets weekly through the week of November 18th. As a small group, we will meet online every week (day and time will be determined by the needs of your collective schedule). Enrollment ends October 13.


Imagine being able to get through the holidays with more ease and less pressure to do all the things that you’re expected or supposed to do. Imagine being able to say no to a “traditional” family event that drains you emotionally. Imagine not feeling like you have to drink alcohol to get through your work party. Imagine choosing the most nourishing food for your body so you don’t start the new year feeling like shit. Imagine not feeling stressed about the season called “the holidays” because you can trust that every decision you make—from your schedule, to your exercise plan, to your travel (or lack thereof)—is perfect for you!

what if i prefer to work privately with you instead?

The TRUST Method™ Course will be a required prerequisite for all future TRUST Method™ offerings, including group retreats and private mentoring.


Once you click here, you’ll be taken to a payment page. After completing your payment, you’ll receive an email with more info within 24 hours from Check your promotions or junk if you don’t see it.


meet molly…

After a lifetime of doing what I was “supposed” to do, I’m finally choosing what I want!

I feel more like me—less hiding who I really am and less fear about choosing what I really want.

I have trust in the inner messages I receive.

Instead of thinking there has to be a “perfect environment” to connect inwardly, I now connect with my Soul regularly in lots of little ways.

It’s such a relief to allow myself that trust and connection. I now do the things my Soul wants do to (like dance and paint) and I’m prioritizing the space I need to connect with her more deeply.

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meet brandy…

I can trust my own intuition and receive support when I need it,
because I can now connect with myself in an instant.

I finally trust my own path, and the pace at which my life is unfolding.

I am able to set better boundaries with my family, kids, and husband so that
I can take care of myself.

I’ve learned to trust and listen to the guidance that mind, body, soul gives me.



I now prioritize my desires differently.

Even when it feels hard, I can gently bring myself back to center.

This is life work.

But, I feel more able to trust myself and my own abilities in finding, knowing and maintaining my inner connection.

What I love about Brandi is how soulful and insightful she is, how deep she takes the work, and yet how simple and practical her suggestions for implementing the work are.

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others who used the TRUST Method™ experienced…

Knowing what’s right for me became medicine, self-care and a catalyst for deep, inner growth. -DB

As a people-pleasing, introverted person by nature, I have learned to respect myself without feeling selfish. -MJ

I feel calm and ready in the face of the unknown, which I find truly mystifying. -VL

I understand the importance of listening to my soul and not second guessing. I now feel like it’s ok to say no and also to change my mind. -AA