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Working with me

Here’s how we connect on a Soul level.


The truth about your Soul Voice

Many women spend their lives hoping to find authentic connection with themselves, but don’t realize the inherent flaw in that:
As a sensitive and soulful woman, you don’t need to find such connection. You already have it.

What you truly need is support to connect to the deeper voice inside you and practical guidance to follow it.

I’m willing to bet that you, like many women I’ve worked with, know what you need to build your health, happiness, and success.

Yet, you haven’t followed through with this vision.

That’s because following the inner whispers of your Soul Voice, no matter how uncomfortable or irrational it feels, is very different from just finding or listening to it.

Over the last ten years, I’ve helped women fine tune their diets, their self-care routines, as well as their relationships and businesses. And all our progress together is based on the same thing: actually following their Soul Voice.


What following your Soul Voice feels like in real life…

Being less in your head, and far more decisive.

Accepting yourself as you are and having more self compassion.

Less seeking other’s advice or searching for signs that you’re on the right track.

No longer feeling lost because you’re covering up pieces of your true personality.

You quit trying to make everyone happy.

Finding more meaningful connection with other women like you.

Allowing space to expand and grow into who you were meant to be and to live the life you truly dream of – even if that sounds corny to you right now.


Brandi helped me bring my relationship with my Soul into my daily living by choosing with more intention how to nurture that inner connection.

We dove deep and unearthed the beliefs and behaviors preventing me from connecting with my soul in chaotic moments. We also found openings where I could choose differently to prioritize my Soul and my desires, so that even when it felt hard, I could gently bring myself back to center.

This is life work. With Brandi’s support, intuitive guidance and practical suggestions, I feel more able to trust myself and my own abilities in finding, knowing and maintaining my soul connection.

What I love about Brandi is how soulful and insightful she is, how deep she takes the work, and yet how simple and practical her suggestions for implementing the work are.

– Sarah, Brooklyn


How we can work together

Each experience of working with me is an opportunity for you to go deeper with yourself. You must be willing to show up in the best way you know how, and be open to receive loving, truth-telling encouragement along the way.

Your Soul knows what’s right for you and she’ll connect us. I ask that you fully commit to trusting her and following her lead.


Private Retreat & Coaching Mentorship

The most profound declaration of commitment you can give yourself is the private package, which offers the most intimate amount of time for us to dig in.

You’ll receive seven months of private coaching with me, with more points of communication than any other package.

This gives you the opportunity to test your experience along the way with one-on-one feedback at your fingertips.

The package includes a personally curated, three day, in-person retreat so you can step away from it all and fully be with yourself. I prepare every detail just for you so that you can be held in sacred space and receive all the nourishment you need.


Women’s Coaching Circle

Through any experience we have together, I ensure that you will be seen and heard by me. Yet, if this feels like a particularly tender space for you, you may want to be held in sacred community by others.

In the group coaching experience, I’ll personally invite each woman into a circle where you feel aligned and comfortable.

You will be coached individually and collectively, and I’m certain that you’ll learn from the circle as much as from the coaching itself.

These women and I will support you, reflect to you, and share with you, over four months.


Small Group Retreats

If you’re not ready for coaching, but you do want to be uplifted with other soulful women, it’s time for the sacred getaway of a group retreat.

The most potent way to reconnect with and replenish yourself is by stepping out of the structure of your life for a few days. I’ll immerse you into a beautiful location with delicious food and peaceful activities.

You and a small group of women will find shared space to be yourself and relax in like-mindedness over a few days.


Eager to follow your Soul Voice?


After a lifetime of doing what I was “supposed” to do, I’m finally choosing what brings me closer to feeling my Soul – to feeling more me!

I now notice the little ways that I connect with my soul regularly and am finding more trust in the inner messages I receive.

I’m allowing myself to do the things my soul wants do to (like dance and paint) and I’m prioritizing the space I need to connect with her more deeply.

Without any reservation, I trusted that Brandi was listening and sharing and coaching me from a place of compassion and deep Soul love.

I have been very pleased with our work together, and with our soul-filled and heartfelt connection.


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What’s next?

This work is about connection and inner exploration and requires a sacred space.

The container I create for our time together is so deep and intentional that there are very limited spaces to work with me. It’s important that we make a personal connection to affirm that we are the best match for one another and go from there.

While you may already have an idea of how you’d like to work with me, I suggest you reflect on what emotions arose for you as you read through this page. Where did you feel excitement, relief, or like you just knew you have to do this? Then reach out to connect with me by phone.

Your commitment is what makes this possible. Be ready to get real and go deep. I already have a smile across my face, because I know this connection is going to be magical.