You’re here for your next step

You have a sense that there’s more to feeling well than bone broth and good night’s rest. In fact, you’re doing those already and something is still missing. 

Your life is happy and you feel pretty good most days. Yet, your body is showing you it needs more support. You know things could be better. 

You just feel it--there’s something more.


You’re intuitive, sensitive, and Soul centered.

You take care of yourself. But, there’s a longing for something more that you can’t quite name. More vitality, more clarity, more ease... 

What if it was more of you that's missing? More trust in yourself, more connection with yourself, more being yourself. With that trust, you could better guide yourself through through stressful days and through really hard decisions, including a menu and the ideal diet for your body. 

I am 100% certain that a cookie-cutter diet protocol or supplement list is not going to give you more energy or clarity. And, a journaling practice just isn’t enough to bring the big breakthroughs you’re hoping to reach. I know you’re on the cusp of something big and I know how much support it takes to navigate this unknown space. 

So, let’s go there together. Let’s dive into your deepest wisdom and find what your body and Soul have to say--so you can finally fill that space that’s longing for more. 


I’ll be your guide toward transformation. 

When we work together, you’re getting the perfect support for you, led by your inner wisdom, your body, and your Soul. In fact, our connection is something that’s not random at all. You were called here, to read these words and make this choice. Our Souls made this agreement long ago. 

So, they work together to guide us both. The structure of our work is always custom and always suits your life and schedule, because this is not another to-do on your list. This is connecting you to who you are, and it’s work for a lifetime. 

I’ll guide you to learn how your body speaks to you, so that you can fine-tune your listening skills and trust what she tells you. 

I’ll guide you to learn what you need to feel your best, even on your hardest days, without feeling like it’s out of reach.  

I’ll guide you to learn what’s most aligned with you, in any given moment, so you can restore your sense of trust and confidence in every choice you make. 

Since this work is about exploration and intention, it requires a sacred space.

I create a container for our time together with so much depth that there are limited spots and we must make a personal connection to affirm that we are the best match for one another. Your commitment is what makes this possible, so please read through each offering to see what feels best for you. Or, trust your gut instinct on the one that immediately sticks out, then read the details to be sure. 

I already have a smile across my face, because I know this connection is going to be magical! 


Coaching - Clarity & Transformation

Intimate coaching sessions, over 7 months plus a personalized retreat option and 2-day intensive session in your home.

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Intensive -

In-home Immersion

Immersive 2-day session in your home for immediate shifts in routine, space & perspective.


Group Coaching -Gut Wisdom Circle

Learn how your Gut Wisdom speaks to you while connecting with a small, hand-selected group of women, over 4 months.


Retreats -RestorativeJourneys

Mindfully & meticulously curated retreats to support your body-Soul journey... quietly, introspectively, near nature.


How we work together goes far beyond food

In my practice, I’ve coached more than one hundred women who came to me for support with their diet and health. And, food was always a way in... a way to learn about habits and self care and to, ultimately, learn more about themselves. But, nutrition is a fraction of what we do together. 

You see, my work has always been about more than just food, and it’s my mission to support you in finding true nourishment, not simply by what’s on your plate. 

I’ve studied the science, psychology, and spirituality of healing. I know that food can be a catalyst for great healing in your life, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. There is so much more to feeling well than what you eat. 

Over the last six years, I have helped women overcome health imbalances, emotional upheaval, food obsession, lack of motivation, draining relationships, and traumatic experiences. I have been a guide to help them find what exactly they needed in the moment, to feel truly nourished.


Nourishment is about so much more than food, yet that’s often forgotten.

My passion is to help you find your true nourishment, so that you can take care of yourself in every circumstance. So that you may feel more clarity, more connected to your body, and more in tune with your own inner wisdom--what I call your Gut Wisdom.

In everyday life that means you’ll discover how your body gives you signals and speaks to you as the powerful guide it is. This Gut Wisdom guidance will open you to inner shifts, both subtle and huge, as it awakens you to the ways you’ve been fighting it or misinterpreting it for most of your life. 

While I'm certain you’ve had glimpses of your Gut Wisdom throughout your life, truly trusting and allowing this guidance is what’s been missing.


It is what you’ve been seeking in the books, blogs and latest superfood powders that aren’t making a difference for you. 

And, now it’s led you here so you can truly reconnect.

What I know from my own path is that reconnecting can be challenging and the only way to stick with it is by having support.

It would be my honor to support you and be your coach in this process of reconnecting to your Gut Wisdom. So you can truly nourish yourself, better than ever before. 

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“There’s a magic that happens when working with Brandi, and it has allowed me to make changes in my life more quickly and with less effort.”


“Soul recovery is hard work and Brandi is an awesome, intuitive, inspired guide. Plus, I've dropped two clothing sizes and my digestive discomfort is a thing of the past.” 

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