To support your pre and post surgical experience, nutritionally

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I know how much you have going on right now, and how doing one more thing can feel impossible.

It is important that you read this entire page so you are clear on what is offered and how this package works. 


During our time together, you'll learn...

  • Which foods are best to prepare your body for surgery

  • Which foods are best to optimize your recovery

  • Which foods are best to increase your energy

  • Which foods are best to reduce stress throughout your healing

  • How to best support your health for the long run

 - You'll start with an Introductory Video, 3-4 weeks before surgery, with detailed information and foundational nutrition elements

With 2 Transformational Nutrition Coaching sessions, I'll get to know you and how to best support you before and after your surgery. I'll get to know your goals and desires, and help you get there!

 - During our first coaching session, 2-3 weeks before surgery, I'll give you tools that will fit into your lifestyle, so you can get started right away

 - With the second coaching session, 2-3 weeks after surgery, you'll have different nutritional needs. I'll help you navigate whatever arises, with recovery, treatment and beyond.

Through it all, you'll learn to support new habits around food and self care. 



Your custom plan includes:


  • 25 pages of nutritional guides and resources

  • Easy to read information

  • Practical and sustainable tips

  • Electronic and printable format


  • 110 minute Introductory Video Session
    to watch on your own time

  • 50 minute Initial Session by phone

  • 50 minute Follow-Up Session by phone

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I understand that having breast cancer challenges more than your body.

As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, I have experienced the mental and emotional aspects of this diagnosis.


Did you know that making some simple changes in your diet can help with your nervous system, your stress levels and your mood?

And, that some simple diet changes can create more ease as you undergo surgery and any further treatments.

I don't want you to feel like this is another "to-do" on your already busy list. Without complicating your life or your time, I'll teach you how food can be an ally for your health and wellbeing.


Ready to get your body prepared?

Once you purchase the package:

  1. You'll receive an automatic email with a Video Introduction and Guidebook
    Please review as soon as possible

  2. A few days later, you'll receive an email with an Intake Form and Scheduling Link
    You should schedule our first phone session 2-3 weeks before your surgery date

  3. Fill out the Intake Form and get it back to me before our Initial Phone Session
    We cannot have the first session without your Intake Form

  4. Be ready for our Initial Phone Session with your Guidebook, any questions, and a place to take notes

  5. After surgery, schedule your Follow-up Phone Session
    This should happen within 2-3 weeks after surgery and before your 6-week follow-up with Dr. Hunsicker

You'll be prepared to make a difference in you body's healing capacity and create better nutrition choices, for the long run!



  • Plan to purchase this package and watch Video Introduction 3-4 weeks before your surgery date

  • Your first appointment should be no less than 2 weeks before your surgery date

  • All sessions must be completed before your 6-week follow up appointment with Dr. Hunsicker, or will be forfeited without refund

  • This Restorative Nutrition Plan is an out of pocket expense. But, as a patient of Dr. Hunsicker, you receive a significant discount. Because I want this to be affordable for you, the Plan has been reduced from it’s $1500 value to only $229. I am able to offer you a receipt for your insurance upon request, but cannot guarantee reimbursement.

 “Brandi helped me understand how important it is to have a healthy gut so that your body is properly absorbing the nutrients it's extracting from your foods. In this package, she educates you how to read labels, how and where to shop, and to explore new foods. She truly taught me that, as she says, "food can be medicine, food can be self care, and food can be a catalyst for deep inner growth." I have taken this beyond my surgery and I feel so great (I've even lost 12 pounds)!


“Brandi helped me so much when I really needed it. She is so much more than a nutritionist!


“I really appreciated how all of the information in the Guidebook was broken down. The layout made it easy to follow and I was able to make the dietary changes I need for my surgery.


“Brandi was so helpful! I am so glad that Dr. Hunsicker recommended her and her expertise.


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more about brandi

I am trained as a Transformational Nutrition Coach and Holistic Chef and worked in the field of gut health and autoimmunity for years. As a faculty at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, I taught courses on Cancer Prevention, Cancer Treatment Support and Specialized Therapeutic Diets.

After seeing my mother suffer through multiple breast cancer surgeries, without holistic support, I felt compelled to partner with Dr. Hunsicker and help make an impact for women like you. Dr. Hunsicker’s whole body approach allows her to get you the best possible results, and makes a notable difference in your recovery.

If you browse the rest of my website, you’ll notice a deeper message in my current work. I offer Soul coaching for sensitive, high achieving women who want more ease, inner trust, authenticity and connection.

When we work together in this Restorative Nutrition Plan, you’ll gain my expertise in nutrition, with a tiny taste of the Soul coaching.

I follow your lead on what we discuss in our sessions, and they tend to be mostly about your customized food approach, with some work on mindset and moving through the emotional roller coaster of your diagnosis.

Your nutrition makes a huge impact in your emotional balance and your surgical recovery, but so does nourishing yourself outside of food.

My passion and years of study in these combined subjects has lead to the publishing of my forthcoming book, Love Your Gut: a six week guide to trusting your intuition and restoring your nutrition, which will be released in early 2020.