What clients say about nourishment coaching

I ignored the clear message my body was giving me for a while and had no idea how horrible I was actually feeling until I used the Nourishment Framework™. I feel great now and am full of energy!


I cannot thank Brandi enough for creating this space that has allowed me to truly transform my life.

Her ability to share her experience and knowledge in such a compassionate and supportive way helped me heal from the inside out. I feel more energized, have more clarity and no longer have the digestive problems I struggled with for years.

I felt like she knew me from the start, making important connections and pushing me to dig deeper to find the root cause of digestive issues lying in habits, emotions and experiences that no longer served me. All which led to unhealthy choices around food and years of damage to my gut.

Her work has helped me find the inner strength to take control of my diet and life to nourish myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Her deep support and true passion for what she has to share makes it easy to learn and implement change. She has been an inspiration and an invaluable asset to my healing journey.


After a very unexpected colon cancer diagnosis, I immediately reached out to Brandi for guidance.

I had considered myself healthy overall, but I quickly realized there was so much I was missing and didn’t know about how to feel really nourished. Brandi came alongside me through my chemo treatment and beyond to help guide me in fully discovering what that meant for me.

Through her one-on-one coaching I have been able to explore and find what’s most nourishing to my body through not only food choices, but the other pillars of her framework as well.

She helped me make better decisions for me and my family so l could stay energized and prioritize what I most needed. She encouraged me to consistently listen to my body and choose nourishment over strict nutrition guidelines.


Brandi helped me see I can trust myself when it comes to nourishing my body and tending to my health.

If my body wants steak tacos, even when I’m trying to be plant based, I can trust that. Now, I am listening and nourishing myself more.

I was reinspired to not only cook again, but to realize that there is no one perfect way to do things. I can be a work in progress and still feel good.

Brandi reminded me of my responsibility in going after what I want—and that the way I take care of myself will help me get there.

Her approach is revolutionary and so needed in the world!


I came to Brandi reluctant to change my diet. But I had chronic GI distress, wasn’t sleeping and didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.

After working with her, I felt more like myself: physically, emotionally and in my ability to connect with my intuition.

I walked in to my high school reunion feeling H-O-T! And even had to get new clothes because my body changed so much.

Not only did I learn to prioritize myself, I learned little ways my body was speaking to me, and what she is actually guiding me toward--now I never doubt the choices I make with food, movement or downtime. I know how to remain symptom free and healthier.

All of this give me a deeper understanding of how to nourish myself.


I learned how to fuel my body and feel good all the time. Brandi always has an answer or recommendation to keep you on track.

I really learned so much about listening to my body, which was new for me. What you will learn will change the way you think and feel about food.

I have transformed not only my way of eating, but how I think and feel about food. In the process, I found a better version of myself.

When I met Brandi, I felt like I was always looking outward for advice, believing that I didn’t know myself well enough. Now, I know I can deeply trust myself.

I make choices from a centered place, feeling more grounded and in control of my life. I have systems and structures in place to support my nourishment, always choosing what’s best for my energy and longevity.

Brandi helped me prioritize myself and realize I do know what I want. Her accurate reflections and guidance helped find my truth over chaos again and again!


Brandi helped me bring nourishment into my everyday routines. I can now choose, with more intention, how to nourish myself and listen to what I most need, in any given moment.

We unearthed the beliefs and behaviors preventing me from nourishing myself, especially in chaotic moments when I need it most.
I am now able to prioritize myself, my needs, and my desires differently; this is life work.

With Brandi’s support, intuitive guidance and practical suggestions, I feel more able to trust myself and my own abilities in finding, knowing and maintaining this level of nourishment.

I love how soulful and insightful Brandi is, how deep she takes the work, and yet how simple and practical her suggestions for implementing nourishment are.


This truly transformed my life. The Nourishment Framework™ helped me heal from the inside out. I feel more energized, have more clarity and no longer have the digestive problems I struggled with for years.

Brandi has helped me find the inner strength to take control of my diet and life to nourish myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Her deep support and true passion for what she has to share makes it easy to learn and implement change.

After years of being ill, I have recovered a sense of aliveness and vitality. After 17 years of diabetic drugs and insulin, I have normal blood sugars. I now have strength, endurance, and a clear mind. Working with Brandi fed my soul, not just my body.

Brandi has been incredible to work with. From her recipes, creativity, personal recommendations, intimate 1:1 sessions, and inspiration, there is rarely a day that goes by that I do not reference her and her Nourishment Framework.

I am able to jump into my kitchen and whip up a simple meal full of nutrition in a way that used to feel overwhelming yet now is something that I enjoy and look forward to! I am happy to have the many tools and resources that she offered moving forward


Brandi is top in her field when it comes to the knowledge and care that she gives her clients.

Her intuition of needs and her openness allows for a judgement-free experience, and her follow through motivates you to succeed.

After working with her, my brain is working, I have energy, and my gut is happy. I have become so aware of my body that I know how everything that I am sensitive to affects me in a different way.

This is an amazing transformational framework.


I was working on being more comfortable in my skin, more embodied as a woman, and I had no idea that would extend to changing my relationship with food.

I eat “clean” on a regular basis, but elevated my intention with food to a new level.
I feel rejuvenated, with a heightened awareness of what foods are optimal for my health.

The gift was realizing that I am important, and when I am taking care of myself, I am able to take care of everyone else as well.

Working with Brandi has been life-changing. It is hard to know where to start. She will change the way you look at food.

If you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed and depleted, she makes it easy to create the changes needed to start feeling healthy and vibrant again.

She gives you the space to dive deeper within yourself, to see why you have the habits you have.

It is amazing how well I know what I need now and the confidence I have to prioritize that.


You will learn so much about yourself and how food affects you emotionally, spiritually and physically.
Brandi taught me what is really means to "eat healthy,” which healed so many different aspects of my life.

This changed my life because I now know exactly what fuels my body and what slows it down. Brandi’s framework empowered me to find that out on my own.

I now trust my own intuition and guidance and to live my life without any discomfort.
I know myself better and can trust my body when it is trying to tell me something.

Nourishment can transform your body and your life. Ready to find out for yourself?

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