Brandi Mackenzie

After ten years as a health coach, Brandi shifted into business mentoring after a major a-ha moment.

She realized that understanding your nervous system is a foundational piece to building and growing a business.

And, that if she could change one thing about her entrepreneurial journey, it would be utilizing her nervous system as a guide.

So, Brandi created an approach that uses simple, body-based practices to build confidence and take the overwhelm out of business for the next generation of new and aspiring coaches.

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What does your nervous system have to do with becoming a coach?

When you're stepping into something new, especially a shift in identity, your body senses that as unfamiliar territory.

Unfamiliar territory can feel unsafe to your nervous system.

I consider your nervous system the "response center" of your body and since it doesn't know the difference between personal growth and a true threat, it will put up protective mechanisms to keep you safe from that unfamiliarity. These become your default nervous system patterns.

These patterns show up as procrastination, perfectionism, and overwhelm—all of which keep you stuck. And, they won't change with affirmations or "changing your mindset."

But, you can work with your nervous system through your body to create an inner sense of safety, to unravel these patterns, and feel safe enough to grow!

Your business is a reflection of your nervous system. Old trauma patterns will show up.

Working with Brandi

Start Here

Get a feel for the foundation of this work in the live workshop, Safe to Grow. You'll learn why your nervous system is holding you back from stepping into your coaching business.

Join Safe to Grow

Gain Confidence

Step into a like-minded space with colleagues at your level. Over six-weeks, you'll learn how your unique nervous system patterns show up, and how to work with them so you can confidently step into coaching without overwhelm. Becoming a Confident Coach will give you the awareness, tools, and practices to move forward confidently in the direction of your dream coaching biz!

Build Business

Working with your nervous system informs the way you structure your biz. And, receiving 1:1 support with Brandi means you'll do both with the consistent guidance of a mentor. You'll be able to refine and build your business, exactly how you want it, to reach success on your own terms—something Brandi fully embodies in her own biz. Private Mentoring provides you the highest level of accountability, feedback, and support as you step out as a coach.

How do things shift when you use nervous system to guide and build your business?

Brandi has a gift of seeing what you can't see in your own patterns and assessing what could be the best step forward—for you and your biz. She creates a high level of support and accountability so that you can get the best of yourself, without overwhelm.

Clients say she helps them feel co-regulated and more connected to their true self. They often can't believe the simplicity of what she teaches and how that brings out the most incredible a-has about their own patterns.

They see things about themselves they never realized, even after years of therapy or "trying everything." The moments they feel stuck are reduced to minutes or hours vs days or weeks. They feel more capable of speaking their truth, upholding boundaries with themselves, and treating themselves with more compassion. They're no longer afraid to test things or show up imperfectly, because they realize it's part of growing a business. And, they truly feel like they can be nourished while building their business instead of feeling drained and stressed.


" I was able to overcome imposter syndrome "

" I now have tools to get out of the hole when I feel overwhelmed "

" It feels easier to move forward in my business "

Working with Brandi truly changed my life. I have gotten more out of my time with her than anything else I have tried, and I have tried almost everything.

When I started working with her, I always felt stressed out, overwhelmed with day to day life, with school, and even the thought of starting my business. I felt I had to be “perfect” in all of those areas and I was truly questioning whether coaching was the right path for me. I thought that I had to do things exactly how everyone else thought I needed to do them. They were the “experts” after all.

Through working with Brandi and my nervous system, I was able to use the tools that she gave to calm that overwhelm and stress. I was able to finish one of my programs and become certified with a sort of ease that I have never felt before. And the most exciting thing of all, I have stopped feeling like I have to be “perfect” and listen to everyone else!

I am starting my business and will run my business how I want to!


The group came at a time when I had been feeling stuck for months. I learned a lot about myself from the materials and other members of this group. I realized my negative beliefs were excuses for not moving forward. I understand my patterns now and was able to overcome imposter syndrome—I don't have to do more to be enough. I got tools to regulate my body so I can make better decisions from a more confident place. I even got myself on video on social media for the first time!


I was dealing with fear and overwhelm, with a thousand reasons or excuses, thinking everything was too big and too hard in my business. I learned that if I am overwhelmed it's likely that my nervous system is out of balance. I now have tools to support myself and get out of the hole, not to bury myself more.

It is beyond amazing to work with Brandi. Her presence is so supportive and calming. I walked away with many tools that have helped me in my daily life, but also helped support the growth of my business, and the way I show up for my clients.


I became aware (in real time) of how stressed I was and Brandi provided simple techniques to reduce stress levels and decrease the pain I was feeling, which helped rejuvenate me.

I thought I felt stuck because I didn't have enough time or energy, now I realize that my nervous system was depleting me. I was able to make progress as I became aware of the problem and some simple adjustments made it feel easier to move forward in my business.

Brandi seamlessly integrated evidence-based research into easily understandable language. The mixture of entrepreneurship and regulating the nervous system is a unique combination.


I had been feeling overwhelmed and unsure of myself, living as if my self-doubting thoughts were truth. I realized my nervous system was dysregulated and I was running on the fumes of my old habits and beliefs. I was coping and working as I always had done, but not really getting anywhere with my business.

Now I have some great tools to work with and can see that things will flow smoother not only my business, but my life!

I learned so much from Brandi. My nervous system is not a system I have ever given much thought to and was unaware how it impacts my daily life. I highly recommend this work with Brandi!