Brandi Mackenzie


There's something missing in the conversation of entrepreneurs...

No one seems to talk about the very real internal stuff we deal with that seems to constantly keep us stuck.

No one told us that we'd have to fight against our own inner critic, again and again, often doubting ourself

That, we'd repeat countless patterns of procrastination, and get so tired of our own shit before wondering "what's wrong with me"

No one told us that we'd sometimes invest in all the right support and still feel like things aren't clicking

That, we'd constantly feel like we should be further along, but we'd also be secretly afraid of what it takes for us to really get there

So, I'm here to let you know that this is totally normal!

And, it's not some failure on your part of needing more discipline, willpower, or to change your mindset.

and it's what I wish I knew when I started my business

Your nervous system is the underlying reason things feel scary without logic, why every little bump can feel like a failure, and makes you wonder if you can even handle what you really want.

It's also the solution hiding in plain sight!

It can help you let go of the perfectionism, bounce back more quickly, handle the shiz out of what you want and more!

When I figured this out, and realized I could shift these patterns (because, they really are just patterns!), I felt like I cracked the code in business.


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Clients say they get better results in a single session than they have in years of therapy...

“Working with Brandi truly changed my life. I have gotten more out of my time with her than anything else I have tried, and I have tried almost everything.”


While transitioning my therapy practice to a coaching business, I would get really down about my capabilities as a coach, constantly doubting myself. Brandi helped me realize how much my nervous system got in the way of my confidence. After working together, it clicked just how awesome I am. I realize I have a really beautiful skillset and I really do help people.


Before working with Brandi, I felt stressed out and overwhelmed with my day to day life. I was constantly questioning if I was on the right path and felt like I had to do things the “experts” taught in my coaching business.

Brandi helped me realize this was a pattern of perfectionism that was completely draining and paralyzing me.

She helped me calm my nervous system and step into a feeling of ease that I'd never felt before. Now, I’m building my business my way, with a newfound confidence.

After feeling stuck for months, I was able to overcome patterns of imposter syndrome, and realize I don't have to do more to be enough. I am making more confident decisions in my business and even got on video for the first time!


Everything felt too big and too hard in my business, and I always had an excuse to not focus on what I needed to do. I realized that the overwhelm I was experiencing came from my nervous system. Now I have tools to move forward rather than feel buried. I know how to support my system to help the growth of my business and show up for my clients.


I was taking on every client that inquired even when they weren’t the right fit. It left me feeling drained, resentful and unfulfilled. Brandi helped me see this was a pattern of self doubt—telling myself I wouldn’t get more clients and scared to turn down income. Now I feel more confident and safe to choose the clients I can best help.

I had been staying busy but not feeling like I was getting anywhere in my business. Brandi helped me realize the “busy work” was a coping mechanism to feel productive when I was actually feeling overwhelmed and unsure of myself. Now I understand how this came from my nervous system and how to support it so things will flow more smoothly in business, and in my life!


I became aware (in real time) of how stressed I was and Brandi provided simple techniques to reduce stress levels and decrease the pain I was feeling, which helped rejuvenate me.

I thought I felt stuck because I didn't have enough time or energy, now I realize that my nervous system was depleting me. I was able to make progress as I became aware of the problem and some simple adjustments made it feel easier to move forward in my business.

Brandi seamlessly integrated evidence-based research into easily understandable language. The mixture of entrepreneurship and regulating the nervous system is a unique combination.


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