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Overwhelm gets in the way

It's easy to feel overwhelmed with food. From the shopping and planning to the cooking and decisions about what to eat every-single-day, food can feel consuming.

But, it's also confusing. There's so much information about the "best" thing to eat or diet to follow, when you just want to enjoy your meals and feel good.

Nutrition is super personalized, what you need changes regularly, and even if you think you know what to do, it's hard to choose that day after day.

That's why it's more important to choose nourishment over nutrition!

Nourishment is knowing the exact choices you need to make to feel your best

It’s about so much more than food

If you're not focusing on nourishment, you might feel like

  • I’ve choked down a meal that I didn’t enjoy because it was supposed to be healthy
  • I’ve tried more diet trends than I can remember
  • When I’m stressed or anxious, I find myself in the pantry with my hand in the chips or chocolate
  • I’ve eaten the leftovers of my child’s plate instead of making my own meal
  • Deciding what to have for dinner every night exhausts me

You're not missing willpower or discipline, you're missing nourishment

There is no outside expert that knows you better than you know yourself, even when it feels hard to tap into that. What you've been taught about eating right (and from diet culture at large) never considers the deeper aspects of enjoying food and feeling good. So, even if you're doing "everything perfectly" it can feel totally unfulfilling. If you don't feel like you're making the progress you want with your health, and you're exhausted from trying, it's time to choose nourishment.

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"Brandi helped me learn to nurture myself through food and reminded me to truly listen to my body."


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