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My Mission

I guide women to accept all of themselves

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I help sensitive women like you.

Together, we dig deep to find what your Soul Voice is calling for.

My mission is to coach you through this expansive process, offering simple and practical suggestions so it all integrates into your life, with ease.

I use soul-based intuitive wisdom, mind-body psychology, and transformational coaching techniques to help you deepen your inner connection and finally follow your truth.

I’ve been guiding women for over a decade and have a passion to help you be yourself in a deeper way than you’ve known before.

It’s pretty clear you’re here because you’re ready for more. You’re ready to step into the life you were made for. The one that feels so authentically aligned that you know there’s no other way to be.

My guess is that you’ve been fighting it, like I once did.

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I’ve always been a truth teller.

But that didn’t go over so well as a teen and as a growing woman.

Telling the truth and putting my truth first was frowned upon by my family, by authority figures, and often by my peers.

I’ve been told I was selfish, intimidating, even a pain in the ass. All because I believed in being as authentic as possible and following my innermost wisdom and truth as my compass.


But here’s what I’ve learned:

It’s absolutely okay to be your truest self


As you may have experienced, it’s not exactly easy to do. When you choose to prioritize yourself and your needs above anyone else’s expectations, it’s not always well-received. Like you, I’ve been knocked off course before.

Still, there were people in my life who could really see me.

They were my silent cheerleaders who called me brave, praised my ability to hold boundaries, and admired my willingness to say no.

They brought me back when I was going astray.

And that support inspired the mission of my work: to be your anchor and bring you back to yourself.

I want to be your guide in truly following that voice that is screaming at you from within, the one I call your Soul Voice.

Your Soul Voice is your compass. It is your truth. It is you.

Following your Soul Voice is a matter of life and health.

I know how it feels to not listen to that voice. I believe it’s far more disappointing to betray yourself than to betray other’s expectations – because in the end, they are just expectations.

If you're ready to show up fully as yourself, and follow the voice of your Soul, I’m here to support you.