What I do comes from a deep passion to help you love and appreciate yourself, from the inside-out

I am an expert in gut health. 

I can help you get to a place without digestive distress, sugar cravings, fatigue, fogginess, mood swings, anxiety and constant self doubt around food.

But, my passion for true healing takes things far beyond just the food we eat and the clinical aspects of healing your digestive system. 

That's why I created a signature healing formula to help get you really dialed in to your own body, starting with your gut.

Because true healing starts in your gut!

I created this formula after healing myself from Crohn's disease (read my story here), and learning to trust myself and my own body's wisdom. 

I call this body wisdom our gut wisdom!

My healing formula has been successful for clients all over the world. It focusses on Diet, Detox and Desire to get you reconnected to your body.

Read all about my philosophy here

When we work together, we start with food, but the healing goes so much deeper!

I know from my own journey that when we find clarity, confidence and self awareness it truly feels like freedom.

I learned this through many years of searching for answers. Of, always asking somone else to tell me what was wrong. But, in a huge a-ha moment, I realized everything I needed to know was inside of me. Yes, totally cliché, but also totally true!

My body's wisdom led me exactly where I needed, and that created so much relief - so much hope!

There's no better freedom than trusting yourself, and I would be honored to guide you back to your own gut wisdom!


Get to know me better...


I am a coffee drinking, [clean] meat eating, not-into-smoothies kind of gal.

I eat for pleasure and for nourishment, and want you to do the same!

I believe there's no one diet for everyone, but will help you learn what's perfect for you.

I call myself a realistic holistic healer; a medicine woman for modern life.

I am an ex-fashonista turned nature lover. I thrive in the trees, next to a river, in the mountains.

I've been called a self care queen and can help you find space for it, even when it feels impossible. 


I am a lover of cats and birds and butterflies.

I am fascinated by how emotions impact our bodies and health.

I believe in you and your ability to transform and heal and thrive!

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I'm Brandi and I'm here to guide and support you!

As a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Natural Chef, I am passionate about food! I believe that food can be a catalyst for great healing in your life, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. The relationship you have to food, the habits you create (or avoid) with food, the priority you give food is what really matters… and I know those parts can be the hardest to approach and shift. I am realistic about life and making things work for you. I want you to enjoy food, travel, social gatherings and celebrations so that you never feel deprived. I teach you how to really listen to your body so you never doubt your food choices again!

Professional Credentials

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach - Institute of Transformational Nutrition

Certified Natural Chef - Bauman College

Bachelor of Arts, Communications & Studio Art - University of Denver

Noteworthy Positions

Nutrition Coach & Educator for the office of Dr. Lisa Hunsicker (2017)

New Student Mentor - Institute of Transformational Nutrition (2017)

Student Advisory Board - Institute of Transformational Nutrition (2016-17)

Faculty Culinary Instructor - Bauman College (2013-2016)

Kitchen Manager - Bauman College (2012)

Certified Yoga Instructor - Prajna Yoga, Yandara Yoga (2006-2012)