Brandi Mackenzie


One of the things about your nervous system, is that it needs to feel safety in relationships—that's how you build trust and what allows you to be yourself.

So, let me tell you about who I am as a person.

I am someone who finds connection in information—I can often tell you (without much backstory) what the foundational patterns are in your system. Or, why things are stuck as they are.

My superpower is helping you see what's been in the way of you doing the things you know you need to move forward.

And, since most of my clients have patterns similar to ones I've experienced, I can really feel what you're going through.

It's also a body thing for me... I can literally feel what you're experiencing through my body when we work together. So, that helps.

I see the world as inherently trustworthy and beautiful—full of possibility even when things feel hard. And (since I work with people who are not fighting for their survival) I believe you can reach your most "unrealistic" goals. I will always be your biggest supporter to get there.

I care deeply about you being able to feel safe in yourself and safe in the world. But, I am also realistic about the times we are living in. While I am not an activist at heart, I care about women's bodily autonomy and the rights of marginalized communities. I don't often discuss social issues publicly because, for many, it's dysregulating.

My work is based in science and I connect with you on an intuitive and spiritual level. I can go deep quickly, if you're willing to go there.

Because of that, I have a gift for giving you practical and impactful tips to upgrade your life pretty quickly.


🌲 Happiest in nature (think mountain streams and National Parks), riding bikes, and solo traveling

🥞 I’m a super foodie with a passion for pancakes, potato chips, sushi, and sweet and savory combos (like ham and jam on gf sourdough). But also, a really good salad

🧖‍♀️ You’ll find me trying new health tools and using infrared sauna, red light therapy, and lymph support on the reg

📚 Reading for pleasure is a daily non-negotiable (especially historical fantasy)

🚴 I watch a lot of cycling, ice hockey, and sports on tv and am married to an ex pro-athlete

🗺 Colorado is my chosen home but have lived in five US states and six countries—my favorite was Austria

♉️ I don't know enough about these things to tell you much other than I am a Taurus through-and-through (Sag moon and rising with 3 planets in Virgo 👀). I’m a HD generator and I love cats

☕️ Will travel for gluten-free bakeries, delicious coffee, and fantastic restaurants (I once went to a tiny Italian island for dinner because Bourdain said so)


When we work together, it’s all about whole life success that impacts both you and your business.

Reaching this starts with a more regulated and resilient nervous system that actually feels safe enough to grow and move forward the way you want. 

Here's how:

1. We create a foundational practice for you to start building safety in your nervous system. 

I teach you somatic (body based) and awareness practices.

2. We assess your health on both a biological level and habitual level. 

There may be recommendations for nutritional supplements, shifts in your diet, or day-to-day habits. 

3. We'll also unravel patterns that your nervous system is holding on a subconscious level. 

This happens through my observations, my pattern-seeing skills, my intuitive hits (yep, they're very real and very accurate), and me coaching you through that release—safely.

It does not require going into your past or excavating old traumas or experiences. But, you'll likely have numerous a-has that bring insights along the way. 

I do not use techniques like NLP, tapping, breathwork, or affirmations.

Instead, we use the wisdom of your body to guide us and show us the way. Your body is so damn powerful and it knows what it needs.

If that sounds too out of reach based on how you feel right now, know this: what gets in the way are the patterns and stories we tell ourselves. So, we'll clear that out along the way. 

And, that's literally why you'd hire me as your coach—if you feel like you can't there on your own.

Because, I'll be there to help guide you toward the safety.

Then, help you further expand the safety by keeping you accountable and consistent to your vision of success.

Watch a short time lapse of this in action here



  • Certified Biology of Trauma Provider
  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Holistic Chef
  • Certified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor
  • BA in Communications
  • Author of Love Your Gut: A Six-Week Guide to Restoring Your Nutrition and Trusting Your Intuition
  • Plus: 20 years of self study, countless courses, about $100k investment in coaches, and my own exploration of success—while supporting clients


  • Named Assistant Manager and Buyer at a luxury Texas boutique at age 16
  • Charter President of Delta Delta Delta fraternity at University of Denver
  • Managed Denver boutique to highest sales in 20 year history
  • Opened the first ever Lululemon boutiques in Colorado
  • Recruited as a Manager for wellness centers in both Colorado and Illinois
  • Recruited as Kitchen Manager and Faculty Instructor for Bauman College
  • Recruited as Student Mentor for Institute of Transformational Nutrition

Solo travel moments

How I set up for retreats

At my local National Park


Clients say they get better results in a single session than they have in years of therapy

“Working with Brandi truly changed my life. I have gotten more out of my time with her than anything else I have tried, and I have tried almost everything.”


While transitioning my therapy practice to a coaching business, I would get really down about my capabilities as a coach, constantly doubting myself. Brandi helped me realize how much my nervous system got in the way of my confidence. After working together, it clicked just how awesome I am. I realize I have a really beautiful skillset and I really do help people.


Before working with Brandi, I felt stressed out and overwhelmed with my day to day life. I was constantly questioning if I was on the right path and felt like I had to do things the “experts” taught in my coaching business.

Brandi helped me realize this was a pattern of perfectionism that was completely draining and paralyzing me.

She helped me calm my nervous system and step into a feeling of ease that I'd never felt before. Now, I’m building my business my way, with a newfound confidence.

After feeling stuck for months, I was able to overcome patterns of imposter syndrome, and realize I don't have to do more to be enough. I am making more confident decisions in my business and even got on video for the first time!


Everything felt too big and too hard in my business, and I always had an excuse to not focus on what I needed to do. I realized that the overwhelm I was experiencing came from my nervous system. Now I have tools to move forward rather than feel buried. I know how to support my system to help the growth of my business and show up for my clients.


I was taking on every client that inquired even when they weren’t the right fit. It left me feeling drained, resentful and unfulfilled. Brandi helped me see this was a pattern of self doubt—telling myself I wouldn’t get more clients and scared to turn down income. Now I feel more confident and safe to choose the clients I can best help.

I had been staying busy but not feeling like I was getting anywhere in my business. Brandi helped me realize the “busy work” was a coping mechanism to feel productive when I was actually feeling overwhelmed and unsure of myself. Now I understand how this came from my nervous system and how to support it so things will flow more smoothly in business, and in my life!


I became aware (in real time) of how stressed I was and Brandi provided simple techniques to reduce stress levels and decrease the pain I was feeling, which helped rejuvenate me.

I thought I felt stuck because I didn't have enough time or energy, now I realize that my nervous system was depleting me. I was able to make progress as I became aware of the problem and some simple adjustments made it feel easier to move forward in my business.

Brandi seamlessly integrated evidence-based research into easily understandable language. The mixture of entrepreneurship and regulating the nervous system is a unique combination.


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