Nourishment is about way more than food, and so is nourishment coaching

I'm Brandi

I've been helping clients transform their relationship to food and their health for nearly a decade, after suffering my own debilitating health conditions and realizing that food wasn't enough to heal.

I created a Nourishment Framework™ that empowers you to better understand your body, habits, and choices in a personalized way so you can feel nourished—beyond food.

It doesn't matter how much you know about food, nutrition, or self care, if you're not addressing the overwhelm of your nervous system first, your results won't stick. So, that's where we start!

  Let's work together  

When we work together...

We'll look at root cause patterns in both health and habits

Both may stem from prolonged periods of overwhelm (which is considered a biological trauma), from nutrient deficiencies, and from a disconnection to all the parts of you—body, brain, emotions, energy, and intuition.

My expertise is bringing these together to help you feel your best, even if you don't know what that is right now.

You can expect to move through these phases

Assess: You’ll figure out what’s causing you to feel stuck and overwhelmed, so you can finally move forward with your health and habits

Learn: You'll learn how your body speaks to you, the role your nervous system plays in your health, and tools to work with it all so you can feel capable of taking even better care of yourself

Choose: You'll begin to understand what is and isn't working for you, beyond food, so you can choose overall nourishment over strict nutrition guidelines

Trust: You'll build a trust in yourself that you can always make the right decisions, no matter what is happening in life

You need to feel nourished in life, not just with food!

I'll help you get there

A bit about me

  • I am a foodie through and through. I love pancakes, potato chips, sushi, and sweet and savory combos (like ham and jam on gf sourdough)
  • My daily nourishment non-negotiables include walks in nature, delicious food, excellent sleep, couch time with my husband, and a good long sit my infrared sauna (while watching PBS Masterpiece shows)
  • Colorado is my chosen home but have lived in five US states and six countries—my favorite was Austria
  • I created the first ever AIP meetup group in Boulder, CO to help people on restricted diets feel like they could gather and eat "normally" in their community
  • I created the Nourishment Framework™ after a head injury and digestive autoimmune diagnosis, when I realized I couldn’t heal my body with food alone
  • I spent years on super restricted diets and ended up with an unhealthy relationship to healthy eating. Now, eating feels easy because I am nourished beyond food
  • My current health quest is learning about lymph and all the ways it rules our body
  • I have a gift for giving you practical and impactful tips to upgrade your health but my superpower is helping you see what's been in the way of you making the right choices

Official credentials

  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Holistic Chef
  • Certified Biology of Trauma Provider (in training)
  • Certified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor
  • BA in Communications
  • Author of Love Your Gut: A Six-Week Guide to Restoring Your Nutrition and Trusting Your Intuition
  • Plus: 17 years of self study, side courses, and my own health exploration while supporting clients

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