Having the health and life you want starts by learning what truly nourishes you

Hey, I'm Brandi

I know how exhausting and overwhelming it can feel to try and find the "healthiest" version of yourself.

There is so much conflicting information out there. But, having the health and life you want starts with realizing that you have a natural “knowing”about what you need.

It’s in realizing that you can trust your gut instincts and learn what truly nourishes you--even when that feels hard.

Because we’ve been indoctrinated to listen to others over ourselves, it can feel easier to say, "tell me what to do." Nourishment comes when you realize you are the expert you’ve been searching for.

It's my job to help you get there

  Let's work together  

You don’t know what feels best for you right now

That's why I'm here. As your Nourishment Coach, we'll work together so you can...

Learn: I help you learn how your body speaks to you so you can start to make the choices that feel right. You're the best expert on you (even if it doesn't feel like it right now)

Choose: You'll begin to understand what is and isn't working for you--beyond just the food you're eating. So you can choose nourishment over nutrition

Trust: As you learn more about your boundaries and priorities, you'll build a trust in yourself that you can always make the right decisions, no matter what is happening in life

There’s no right or wrong way, just your way

you’re not doing it wrong, you’re just relying on the wrong expert

For too long, you’ve relied on outside advice for how to eat and move and rest. And, as long as you continue to listen to those “experts,” that goes against what your body is telling you. Anytime you go against your body, you're giving your power away.

That’s what feels so physically exhausting, emotionally depleting, and what’s getting in the way of hearing or feeling your intuition. It has nothing to do with your willpower, discipline or type of diet you’re following. It’s a nourishment problem.

That nourishment problem is rooted in something deeper

That’s why I've created the Nourishment Framework™ . It guides you back to where you need to be, based on what feels good for you. The key is learning your unique style of nourishment and how it goes beyond the food you choose. There's also the why and how you choose that makes a huge difference in the way your body receives its nutrients.

You have a unique body composition, metabolic constitution, and hormonal map that were different for you a year ago. And, certainly from three or five years ago. Not only does the other expert not know your personal nourishment needs, you have to remember they’re always changing. What used to work is likely not going to work now, so it's time to let that go.

There’s no right or wrong way, just your way. It doesn’t have to be hard, rigid or restrictive. Finding your unique style of nourishment means taking care of you feels enjoyable, easy and comes more naturally to you.

A bit about me

  • I am a foodie through and through. I love pancakes, potato chips, sushi and sweet and savory combos (like peanut butter and bacon on cinnamon raisin toast)
  • My daily nourishment non-negotiables include walks in nature, delicious food, excellent sleep, couch time with my husband, and a good long sit my infrared sauna (while watching PBS Masterpiece shows)
  • Colorado is my chosen home but have lived in five US states and six countries--my favorite was Austria
  • I created the first ever AIP meetup group in Boulder to help people on restricted diets feel like they could gather and eat "normally" in their community
  • I created the Nourishment Framework™ after a head injury and digestive autoimmune diagnosis, when I realized I couldn’t heal my body with food alone
  • I spent years on super restricted diets and ended up with an unhealthy relationship to healthy eating. Now, eating feels easy because I am nourished beyond food
  • My current health quest is learning about lymph and all the ways it rules our body (I dare say even more than the gut!)
  • I have a gift for giving you practical and impactful tips to upgrade your health (my training as a holistic chef, yogi and nutritionist helps here) but my superpower is helping you see what's been in the way of you making the right choices for you

Ready to learn what truly nourishes you, and choose it everytime?

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